Tuesday 27 November 2018

The green quilt top turned into a quilt

The green top I wrote about here turned into a quilt finally!

This was 2 years (!) ago when  started the quilt on my design wall.

 It is one of my favorite quilts, probably just because of the fabrics and the way the fabrics came together in rows.

 Some are old fabrics, soft and worn, like the big leaves...

The 2 on the left were left over in quilt shops (years ago), not in fashion apparently, but I loved them and still do! The one on the right is the worn bed sheet I bought at a car boot sale in England. I like big pattern fabrics. So much fun when I cut the up!

Another 2016 photo of the green quilt top on tall bean sticks.

 Now in November 2018, with the geraniums still flowering o my balcony!

Ready to use when it gets colder in the evenings.


size: 1.30cm by 1.55 cm (51"by 61")
fabrics: quilt cotton, liberty fabrics, Japanese double gauze fabrics, thrift shop fabrics.
Batting: 100% cotton Hobbs
sewn and quilted by machine, with my Pfaff quilt expression 4.0

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