Friday, 30 November 2018

Crib quilt with 8 pointed star

Just a simple little quilt, crib size, finish. I started the top in 2004! The pattern inspiration came from old antique Dutch crib quilts.

The white fabric with the little flowers was a handkerchief and small tray cover made by my mother-in-law. Although the edges were worn, I could use the middle parts for these patches and made a top in remembrance of her. I chose the other fabrics, because I thought they could have been her colours as well.

The initials of her surname and maiden name are written in the middle with the year of her birth: 1918 and the year she passed away, 2004. I admired her because she had a strong personality, was a positive thinking woman, could be very strict, but took care of her little family the best she could, no matter what.

At the back is a lovely bird fabric. I saved it for several years. It feels good to finally have made use of it.


Size: 78 cm by 91 cm (about 31"by 36")
fabrics: all cotton
batting: 100% cotton Hobbs
sewn and quilted by machine, except for the circle in the middle, it is appliqued by hand.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Apple core doll quilt finish

A small finish today: a doll quilt, started many years ago, with the apple core pattern (and a little 1950's Steiff monkey;). It was a sandwich for a long time waiting to be picked up again.

I stitched the apple core pieces together by hand (English paper piecing method), appliqued them on top of the border fabric and machine quilted the quilt. The backing fabric is a second hand fabric from France (from a booth at a Show in Nantes I think).

I remembered myself how much I love making doll quilts! I hope I will make more.


Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Three quilts for one family

Last week, my sister became a grandmother again. A little girl...we are very happy all is right with the little one and her Mum. So I thought I would give her a little quilt to play on.

Nothing complicated. I started with a little favorite brown bear fabric piece. And continued adding strings of fabric.

On the back are two strawberry fabrics, small and big prints. The binding is made of leftover pieces of fabric of the quilt.

It has been washed (and being folded, hence all the wrinkles) and ready to play on!

Because she already has a small brother and sister I thought I would give them quilts to play with or snuggle under. This one is a rag quilt and full of birds, turtles,


Fish, flowers and...

different animals on the back. 

It feels soft and is not very big. I hope her brother likes it!

 Her older sister of 4 will be given this quilt. It is full of little houses, trees,

 Forest animals,

 And all different kind of fabrics, a bit whimsical and strange.

 It is big enough to fit her big bed or make a tent!

 At the back you see a Kaffe Fasset print. I had lots of it but this is the last piece. In the corner some of my favorite left over pieces.

 A few close ups. It is quilted with a Aurifil thread with different colours which was in my closet for long!

It fitted this quilt well.

Yesterday I met my sister's grandchild only 2 days old! I think I could have stayed there, just adorable!  
I left these 3 quilts with their new owners. I hope they will be used over and over again!


All quilts are made out of cotton fabrics, sewn and quilted by machine.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

The green quilt top turned into a quilt

The green top I wrote about here turned into a quilt finally!

This was 2 years (!) ago when  started the quilt on my design wall.

 It is one of my favorite quilts, probably just because of the fabrics and the way the fabrics came together in rows.

 Some are old fabrics, soft and worn, like the big leaves...

The 2 on the left were left over in quilt shops (years ago), not in fashion apparently, but I loved them and still do! The one on the right is the worn bed sheet I bought at a car boot sale in England. I like big pattern fabrics. So much fun when I cut the up!

Another 2016 photo of the green quilt top on tall bean sticks.

 Now in November 2018, with the geraniums still flowering o my balcony!

Ready to use when it gets colder in the evenings.


size: 1.30cm by 1.55 cm (51"by 61")
fabrics: quilt cotton, liberty fabrics, Japanese double gauze fabrics, thrift shop fabrics.
Batting: 100% cotton Hobbs
sewn and quilted by machine, with my Pfaff quilt expression 4.0

Monday, 26 November 2018

Pink coverlet on the breakfast table

 Finished a simple nine patch table coverlet (not really a quilt because there are only 2 layers) with some of my favorite fabrics.

 The nine patch blocks are big: 32 cm by 32 cm (about 12.5 " sq), just to enjoy the fabrics.

All kinds of soft pinks and a striped dark red border, mitered in the corners.

 The front of the coverlet and....

The back of the coverlet.

This is how we will use it: on the breakfast table, probably in Spring!

More finishes to come this week!


Size: about 1.70cm square (67" sq)
All cotton, front and back
Machine stitched and 'quilted' on my Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0

Monday, 5 November 2018

Cruquius museum quilt

Six years (!) ago I had the idea to use the museum in my home town, to make a pattern for  new quilt ...

The building from 1849 has a large steam engine used to pump water out of the Haarlemmermeer (Lake of Haarlem).  So it could be used as dry land to live and farm on it. This picture is from 1904.
It stopped working since 1933 and became the Cruquius museum since. You can read more here at The official Museum website (in English and Dutch). 

At the water side it has a beautiful window.

And chose the fabric in the middle as a starting point, the piles in the back are fabrics I collected over the years: folklore fabrics, old and new, quilt fabrics, thrift shop shirts, some fabrics were a gift, others were in my closet for 30 or 40 years!

I used the big window as the center of the quilt

And these shapes (clovers?) in the corners

See how big these shapes are at the museum wall?

The white tower shape with points came from the top of the building

The quilt is hand quilted with big stitches in white, with number 12 Perle yarn.

The border fabric is one of my most favorite fabric and used now in this project.

The back of the Cruquius museum quilt

 On a tree in the afternoon sun

After being washed and dried, here on our bed, it shows the quilting a little better.

Size: 2.30m L by 2.25m W (about 90" by 88" )

Wishing you a good start of the week,GroetjesAnnemieke