donderdag 9 oktober 2014

Masterclass Amish Quilting

Afgelopen 2 dagen was ik helemaal in de ban van het Amish quilten bij  Quiltwinkel de Quiltster  van Marcha in Dreischor, Zeeland. Geheel onverwachts gaf ik me vlak voor het weekend nog op voor deze  twee daagse workshop. Ik had er al veel eerder naar gekeken en kon de verleiding niet weer staan toen ik zag dat er nog plekken over waren.
De masterclass werd gegeven door Alexia Rosfelder ( ze woont vlakbij St. Marie aux Mines waar de Amish mensen oorspronkelijk vandaan komen). Zij leerde het quilten van Esther Miller, een dame die uit Amerika komt, in Berlijn woont en Amish is. Deze quilt hieboven is gemaakt door Alexia.

Last two days I was doing a masterclass Amish quilting at the quiltshop: de Quiltster. Marcha is the owner and the shop is situated in a beautiful village Dreischor (the Netherlands in the south west part). I liked doing this masterclass for quite some time but just before this weekend I filled in the form to participate. 
The masterclass is given by Alexia Rosfelder  (she lives close to St. Marie aux Mines, where the Amish people originally came from). She learned quilting from Esther Miller, an American lady who lives in Berlin now and is Amish. The quilt above is made by Alexia.

 Bijna alle spullen die je nodig hebt voor het quilten. De spulletjes in dit doosje zijn van de juf.

 Almost all the things you need for quilting, these things belong to Alexia, our teacher.

Dit was ook belangrijk: een porseleinen vingerhoed voor onze linkerhand.

This is an important tool too: a porcelain thimble we need for our left hand.

Alexia legt héél geduldig uit ( in goed Engels) en doet het vele malen voor. Ze is een zeer goede lerares en kon ons ook veel vertellen over de geschiedenis van de Amish mensen en over hun leven nu. Midden achter staat Wilma (met blog) die ik hier ontmoette.  Laten we nou in dezelfde B&B slapen, dat was gezellig!

Alexia is very, very patient when she explains the technique (in good English) and shows us many times how to do it. She is a very good teacher and also told us a lot about the history of the Amish people and their life today. Wilma (with blog) ,one of the ladies who I met this day, was at my class as you can see in the middle of the photo. We discovered that we slept at the same B&B  and we had a very good time together!

 Na elke uitleg gaan we het zelf proberen. We zijn met een groep van 7 aardige dames en werken aan frames net zoals de Amish vrouwen doen.

 After each explanation we have to try ourselves. We have a group of 7 nice ladies and have to work at frames like the Amish ladies do. 

Er wordt vanzelf ook gepraat en gelachen. Sommige van ons moesten wel een paar uur rijden maar dat hadden we er graag voor over.

And apart from hard work we talked and had fun. Some of us had to drive a long way to get there but it was worth it.

Halverwege werden mijn steekjes wel kleiner maar ik moet nog veel, héél véél oefenen.

In the meanwhile my stitches were getting smaller but I have to practice a lot more.

Tussendoor kregen we regelmatig koffie, thee, allerlei soorten gebak en heelijke lunches, verzorgt door de zus van Marcha: Vera eigenaresse van Kadoshoppie

Between classes we had coffee, tea, lots of cakes and lovely lunches, taken care of by Marcha's sister Vera owner of  Kadoshoppie .

 Alles geserveerd op dit prachtige servies van Bunzlau Castle.

 Everything was served on this tableware of Bunzlau Castle.

Ik keek mijn ogen uit...ik spaarde al het een en ander van dit servies en kon ook niet met lege handen naar huis.

There was much of this wonderful tableware, I could not go home without buying some of it. It is difficult not to collect the tableware with all those different decorations.
's Nachts sliepen Wilma en ik hier achter dit huis (uit 1520!) waarin de eigenaren van het B&B Lekker bij Maas , wonen.

This is the B&B Lekker bij Maas where we slept. The front part is from 1520!.

Alexia laat ons zien hoe je quilt met een speciale porseleinen vingerhoed onder de quilt, die hand zit verstopt natuurlijk.

Alexia showing us how to quilt with a special porcelain thimble  under the quilt.You can't see her hand because it is under the quilt.

Gelukkig was er genoeg tijd om rond te kijken in de quiltwinkel (klik voor foto's daar) Ik kocht natuurlijk Zeeuwse schortenstof en nog meer andere mooie stoffen. Dan nog een koffiebekertje en een paar kleintjes waarin een speldenkussentje komt ( ook voor een cadeautje).

I was very lucky to have enough time to look around in the Quiltshop (click for pictures). I bought original apron fabric from the region we were in (it is the black and white, woven, fabric on the bottom of the pile).
I also bought the coffee cup and some small ones to make a pincushion in (for presents).

Aan het einde van dag twee, liet Alexia (rechts op de foto) ons zien hoe je een quiltframe maakt terwijl ze de frames uit elkaar haalde. Ze gaf ons allemaal ons eigen gequilte stuk mee naar huis. En hier zie je ons op de foto...beetje moe maar voldaan met een ervaring rijker in de winkel van Marcha ( tweede van rechts, bovenste rij)! Je kan haar online shop hier vinden als je ook zo'n masterclass wilt volgen in mei 2015. Ik kan het je aan bevelen!
Alle dames bedankt voor de gezelligheid tijdens deze twee dagen, we hadden een leuke groep!
Boven van links naar rechts: Binie, me, Marjan, Willemijn, Marcha en Alexia. Dan onder van links naar rechts: Alie, Hanneke en Wilma.

At the end of the day Alexia (at the right) even showed us how to make a quilting frame while she took the frames apart to give us our own part of the quilt. Here we are....looking a bit tired but very happy with our experience in Marcha's (second from the right in the top row) shop. You can find her online shop here if you are interested in following a masterclass in may 2015. I can truly recommend it.
Thank you ladies for the nice days together, we had a fun group together!
Above from left to right: Binie, me, Marjan, Willemijn, Marcha and Alexia. Bottom row from left to right: Alie, Hanneke and Wilma.



vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

Old embroidery and fun quilt fabrics

This is the start of a new quilt. The top is sewn together.

 The work in progress: I made just simple square blocks of 12cm by 12cm. I chose this size because of the embroidery blocks I wanted to use.

 Like this one with the bunnies in the dunes. All the embroidery blocks are sceneries from my country: The Netherlands. I found this embroidery at the thriftstore (we call it  'kringloopwinkel' ).

 There were exactly 8 embroidery pieces, so I used them all. Who knows who made them ? That is what I think when I take it home. The work is done very neatly. I always think it is a bit sad if such nice work ends up in a thrift store. Well good for me though..I love working with this..

 When it is finished it will fit on this table.

 And another picture, just because I'm so happy with it how it turned out. It took me a whole evening to design everything because I didn't have enough of some fabrics, so I had to start over a few times.

 I like the crazy, pink and yellow horses from Tula Pink.  And the big flowers from the Anna Maria Horner fabric, it matches the checker fabrics, big and small, very well.

  This is one, with the owls, is of my favorite fabric!

 Photo from a distance....and I put fabric on the back ( so called 'toile de beurre' in French and may be 'cheescloth'  in English?)  so I can embroider over the top. This is a bit of an  experiment!!

 I bought embroidery stuff during my holiday in France. Now I only need the courage and a plan to start to embroider.

I read this book: The last Runaway' by Tracy Chevalier. Such a nice book, very well written, about a young woman emigrating to America in the 19th century, about her life,  a lot of history of daily life and slavery and... quilts! So I couldn't ask more and  I will look for other books by Tracy Chevalier.

I'm very honored that my pine burr quilt is now featured on the selvage blog  by Karen Griska. She wrote a real nice post about it. Thanks Karen!!

Have a good weekend,


zondag 3 augustus 2014

Happy Birthday Goofie and two finishes!

 Onze Goofie, ruwhaar teckel,  is gisteren 14 jaar geworden! We zijn nog steeds super blij dat hij nog bij ons is, al kampt hij met steeds meer gezondheids probleempjes. We vonden het gezellig gisteren, voor Goof is het altijd gezellig, als we maar samen zijn en er genoeg eten is.

Goofie, our dachshound, turned 14 yesterday! We are very glad he is still with us all though he is having more health problems now he is getting older. We had a nice day. Goofie thought so too: as long as we are together and there is enough food he is always a happy dog.

Dit is een geocache quilt die ik gemaakt heb voor de verjaardag van mijn man. Ik maakte hem ter gelegenheid van de 5000ste gevonden cache in juli dit jaar.( Hier kan je alles over het spel geocachen lezen).

This is a geocaching quilt (you can read about the game: geocaching here ) I made for my husbands birthday. I made the quilt on the occasion of our 5000th  cache found in july, this year.

Onze geocache naam is: Cache-amount en daarom maakte ik het logo links boven. Alle applicaties heb ik met de machine gedaan. Het quilten deed ik met de hand met een nr. 8 dik haakgaren in geel.

 In geocaching every one has a cache name and our name is : Cache-amount, so I made our logo, on the top left. All the applique is done by machine. The quilting is done by hand with a nr 8 crochet yarn in yellow.

 De rest heeft natuurlijk ook met geocachen te maken maar daar zal ik maar niet alles over uitleggen, wordt zo'n lang verhaal. De quilt is in ieder geval goed ontvangen.

All you can see on the quilt has to do with geocaching but I won't explain everything about it, it will be to much about geocaching. My husband appreciated the quilt so mission accomplished. 

Deze gehaakte deken is klaar.

 I finished this crocheted blanket this weekend.

 De maten zijn: 75cm bij 1,33cm, niet zo groot maar ik wilde hem graag afmaken.

 It turned out this size: 75cm by 1,33cm, not so big but I just wanted it being finished.

Ik heb er een blauwe rand omheen gehaakt die verassend goed uitpakte vond ik. Soms zie ik zoveel projecten om me heen dat het een goed gevoel geeft om er een af te maken. Ik wil Hannah bedanken voor haar patroon van de 'as-we-go stripey blanket' . Het is heel duidelijk geschreven met erg veel foto's.

The blue, sculpted border was a nice surprise. After seeing so many projects around me, it felt good to finish this. Thanks Hannah for the pattern of the 'as-we-go stripey blanket' . The pattern is written very clear and with a lot of photo's in it.


donderdag 31 juli 2014

Big red, blue and white blocks and garden pictures

Remember I told about the tablecloths in my previous post which I bought at an antique market? The lace border in the above picture was part of one of them. The middle part of the cloth had stains so I cut that out.

I just wanted to make blocks, big blocks and use up some of my blue fabrics. I also wanted to try to make little diamonds cut with the ruler from Jaybird Quilts, see picture below.

I bought this ruler at the Quiltboutique.

In 2012 I bought these old sheets and wrote about it here . I finally used the blue one as the outside border of the above quilt block. It is a bit soft but I thought it fits nicely around the blue and white lace border.

Another block, the pattern is called  'courthouse steps' . I didn't measure anything. I'm just making big parts and square up to 60 cm x 60cm.

Like this one too, also 60cm x 60cm.

 Sis of  Labradoodle quilts , who is soon starting a vegetable garden, asked if she could see some garden pictures of my garden. I thought I would make some and show them here. ...the only thing is that my garden (sort of an allotment with no vegetables but only flowers, fruit and plants) is really overgrown (see above photo). I just didn't do much work in the garden because of a sore arm, but hope to make it more accessible soon. I walked through the garden and got all scratched up, it is sort of a jungle, well a Dutch jungle.

This was the garden 1,5 month ago ( I know, a lot of weeds too).

 The positive side is that there are so much insects. A lot of bees, so that's good!!

 Like here too...

  And here...

and butterflies

So may be it will be like this soon again. See my two dogs almost meet in the middle on this garden path?
I will show more pictures of the fruit shrubs soon.


vrijdag 25 juli 2014

Moose under orange and pink trees on my balcony and my orange dress

This tabllecloth is made out of  Ikea Algört stof . It was in my closet for some time and I didn't buy enough for my round table but this week I suddenly got the idea to use it out on the balcony. It cheers up the whole balcony see? It costs only 6,99 euro for one meter. It is a thick cotton and easy to wash in the washing machine. I only had to make four little seams.I made more tablecloths out of Ikea fabric. I like a lot of the designs they made, it is also cheap and good value for your money.

This was before....

Here with the tablecloth before the sun came out on the balcony.

And here the table in full sunlight.

You can see, in the first picture, a small piece of the fabric of my dress I made last year. There is so much to see, it is like a town map and I like the colours. I kept it in my closet for maybe 20 years or so? I liked it so much I didn't want to cut it up... It was made by  Oilily  and I bought it back then in a outlet shop. I don't know if you can buy fabric from Oilily on the bold nowadays.

 It is just a simple dress. I used a pattern  for the top part but just gathered a rectangle of the fabric for the skirt and made a high waist.

The moment I put the dress on the ground Lizzy thought: Thank you and made herself comfortable:)
I thought if I didn't want to wear the dress anymore I am left with a good piece of fabric anyway to make something else out of it.

In Haarlem there is an antique market in spring and summertime sometimes on a Saturday. You can click on the link for the dates and address. I bought these small tablecloths. I might use the lace in a quilt sometime.