Saturday, 20 January 2018

Some January finishes and WIP

This little quilt is made out of scraps which I almost discarded. Now it is finished, it looks quite cheerful and I'm happy I saved the little squares.

I used my Bernina 807, from the seventies, for it.  I found this sewing machine once in a thrift store. It came in its original red case, compleet with all the assessors. After cleaning and replacing the bobbin winder spool, it is sewing great.

Machine sewn and quilted.
Size: 80cm by 87cm (31,5 by 34 inches)
Fabrics all cotton, Batting: wool

This is a little pouch with a crocheted edge. The outside fabric is made of an antique French piece of fabric I bought in Nantes  few years ago. It was just the right size.

 Inside fabrics are new and thrift store fabrics.

The crocheted edge is made with a perle cotton number 5. ctually I embroidered all my Teddy bear noises with this;)

 In the meantime I'm working with all the hexagons made out of scraps I told you about in my previous post. This is the middle part....

which is growing into this. The next rows will be turning from light yellow into brighter yellow. The inspiration for this came from an old Dutch quilt which is in the open air museum in Arnhem .

Have a nice weekend,


Friday, 15 December 2017

Scraps and hexagons

This pile consists of a little bit more than 750 hexagons. I made them out of...

 these scraps given to me by a friend.

In about a week time, all of the paper hexagons were covered with fabric.

So much fun to discover all the different prints!

 I opened up a box of hexagons I made a few years ago,

about 350 of the same size hexagons (3/4 inch sides) in this box.

In total I have now 1100 hexagons in this basket, mixed up, ready to be sewn together,

into a quilt. I started a little piece today. I will be using some old pieces of fabric like the flowers on the left which are bigger than the hexagons, in between as little surprises.
I started this last week as an 'in between project', easy for taking with me while traveling or watching television....I always know how to sell a new project to myself!!!

Have a great weekend,


Saturday, 11 November 2017

Inspired by ' The 1765 Huis Doorn quilt'

Although I have a few pictures from the quilt from 'huis Doorn' and from a book by An Moonen it is still very difficult to see which fabrics were used. To make it more difficult: lots of the originals were covered in the beginning of 1900. Therefore I decided to choose my own fabrics and colours. I keep an eye on the pictures and when I can, I try to work in the colours or shades of the original.

Lots more fabric came in this week, from a friend. And being washed and dried, on my balcony.

Folded and put in the basket. Most of it comes from thrift shops (ties, blouses,fabric remnants) and were given by friends or found by me. Amazing how many silk varieties in just one basket!!!

This weekend 'm working on these blocks. Preparing during the day and sewing in the evening , in front of the tv.

This a very special piece a friend gave me. It has beautiful colours and has machine embroidery all over it.

I still have a lot of drawing to do. Some very strange blocks too. So more to come soon hopefully.
Also the best thing would be in the near future, if I could see the original from the museum. No news yet about it though. It is still in depot.

Have a nice weekend,

Monday, 16 October 2017

Summer 2017 catch up

I started to work on my 70's tulip quilt, which I mentioned here  .All the applique is down but I want to embroider over it, so work on this one will continue.

On holiday in June, I started this kaleidoscope quilt. Not as easy as it seems. I really had to pay attention to what colours (and shades) to pick. 

Somewhere in between projects I made this top with the big churn dash blocks. I loved working with big blocks for a change. I used thrift shop shirts, new quilt fabric, old French fabric, a handkerchief and some 80's fabric.

I started to embroider from this book by Cecile Franconi. All of the projects are not big, easy to finish in a couple of days. And the more I practice the more I learn. Fun to learn new things!

This is a card I embroidered for a good friend. There is no pattern in the book, but I just thought to give it a go and learn on the way.

Another good friend send me lots of silk pieces for a new exciting project, all the way from the USA. 

After washing and ironing it looked like this.

With the help of my husband, I draw blocks, mostly on the computer, after a quilt from 1765,  in possession of Huis Doorn (the Netherlands) but once made in the UK.  Sadly the quilt is in a depot. I hope to see it once.
There is a picture of it in this book by An Moonen on page number 124 and 125.

I enjoyed making a replica of the 1718 quilt ( York, UK). Since the 1765 quilt from Huis Doorn reminded me of the 1718 quilt I started thinking of making another replica. I hope to show you more blocks soon. I'm still collecting silks, which is not that easy, but fun. It will be my first silk quilt.


Sunday, 4 June 2017

'Foep' quilt with crazy borders finished!

Lots  of pictures of my finished 'Foep quilt'.  Enjoy!
Most birds have embroidered eyes, not this one. The fabric was just in the right place for this little bird. It made me happy when this happens.

This 'Foep' quilt has crazy borders. The original borders are beautiful, all made out of lace but I found my borders needed more colour for an overall balance. Crazy borders with a chicken found at a thrift shop.

Lots of ric-rac and other ribbons, fun for the children who will be sitting under this quilt. Probably my sister's grandchildren if they want too. 

My initials in light blue, embroidered with a chain stitch and perlé yarn number 8.

The title of the quilt and also the title of the children's story book by Ingid van der Harst embroidered in chain stitch too.

Some fabrics are a bit old like the brown one with flowers from the 90's, some new quilt fabrics, some from thrift shops like the dark blue shirt fabric...

 And others are from table napkins or Dutch folklore fabrics. There is different eyelet in there too like the light brow bird.

Fabric pocket on the back of the quilt, for the book about 'Foep' the cat.

Bird fabric scraps on the back of the quilt. I bought this at Ikea long time ago.

With Oscar of course. Always helpful.

The sun was a bit bright for taking pictures but I wanted to post about the 'Foep' quilt today and not wait another day;)

If you want to make the quilt too (and order the little book to read to little children) you can find the pattern here (available in English too)