Sunday, 29 March 2015

Busy week....

Als een klein wondertje had ik vrijdag na een paar uur deze raampjes gelapt. Ingrid (Supergoof) gaf deze workshop in de winkel van Dorry,  Quilt it en Dotty. Ingrid legt alles héél rustig uit, echt met engelen geduld! Je kan deze methode dus helemaal met de hand doen en zonder te strijken, want zo werkt Ingrid altijd. Met je beentjes op de bank een hele quilt maken dat lijkt me wel wat :)

It alomost felt like a little miracle to have made these tiny cathedral windows in a few hours. Ingrid (alias Supergoof) taught this during a class in the Quilt it & Dotty quiltshop. She explained it all with a lot of patience. We only used thread, needle and scissors, all made by hand and no ironing at all, Ingrid's method . This way you can make a whole quilt sitting with your legs up on the sofa!

Zie je wat klein ze zijn zo naast het haakwerk (wat langzaam groeit zo dooe al die afleiding). Ik had niet gedacht dat ik er zo verwonderd over zou zijn. Je begint namelijk met platte lapjes en maakt er een soort 3D werkje van, alleen met een naald en draad, bijzonder toch?
Dank je Ingrid voor de SUPER workshop!!!!!

See how small the windows are? I was surprised by this work. Just starting with some fabric and making a kind of 3D work in the end, special isn't it? Thanks Ingrid for this SUPER class!!!!

Nog iets héél bijzonders: ik heb Margootje (teckeltje van 12 wk) van Ingrid ontmoet....SUPERLIEF. Ik ben er helemaal van gesmolten en denk nog steeds aan haar. Ik maakte nog meer foto's maar Margootje is zo snel als het licht zeg maar, alles beweegt aan haar, met als gevolg dat de rest niet scherp is.

And very special too: I met Margootje (dachshund, 12 wk) Ingrids SWEET. I totally fell in love with her. My other pictures were not good, Margootje is fast as lighting ;)

 Heerlijke lunch verzorgt door Dorry met spinaziesoep en broodjes (en we hadden al koffie met huisjescake op:). Ik voelde me er helemaal thuis. 's Middags nog een mini trunkshow van Ingrid's quilts met kleine stukjes in de huiskamer van Dorry.

Dorry made us a wonderful lunch, after having had coffee with cake. In the afternoon Ingrid showed some of her  quilts with tiny pieces.

Thuis begon ik aan meer raampjesondergrond maar dan van een andere stof. De eerste stof is grof geweven en daar durf ik niet een grotere lap (weet nog niet hoe groot tie wordt) van te gaan maken.

Coming home I started with more cathedral windows but chose a different fabric to start with. The other one was a little bit to loosely woven.

 Met mijn teckeltjes op de bank als gezelschap.

Good company with my dachshunds on the sofa.

Ook in deze week ging ik naar een 'bear high tea'bij Heidi's.  Heidi Wilma. deden een paar weken geleden bij mij een teddy bear workshop . Heidi had veel werk gemaakt van al het lekkere eten en het zag er prachtig uit. Ik heb er maar een foto (nam een camera mee die ik niet goed ken;( Gelukkig maakte Heidi er hier een héél leuk verslag van met erg mooie foto's  

Earlier this week my bear and me went to a 'bear tea' at Heidi's place. Heidi en Wilma. took a teddy bear workshop at my place a couple of weeks ago. Heidi did a wonderful job making lots of nice things to eat. I also had a great time seeing all the things she made (and that is a lot I can tell you!). Unfortunately only one photo was oke (Yes I did use a camera this week I'm not used too so it didn't work out well) but Heidi wrote a very nice post about our time together with lots of beautiful pictures.

Heidi maakte voor  Wilma en mij een beker onderzetter. Hij is zelfs geborduurd en gequilt. Dank je wel Heidi voor alles en het cadeautje.

 She made me and Wilma a very nice mug rug, all embroderied and quilted as well. Thanks Heidi!!!

Groetjes allemaal en een hele fijne week

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Teddy bear workshop

In two days I teached two ladies: Wilma  en Heidi  how to make a teddy bear.  The pattern we used is from my own teddy bear on the left. Everything was ready: all the materials, tools, pattern, coffee and cake.

They brought a special giant cooky from Spakenburg, the writing says in Dutch: 'Hurray the 4th of March,  bear day'. So lovely and very tasty. It was a bit funny though because it was February not March, but never mind, it tasted great anyway!

First we started choosing the fabric, not easy because they were all different. I dyed the teddy bear fabric in different colours and made it look old already.Then they started tracing the pattern, cutting the pieces and pinning everything together.

My two Singer Featherweights came in handy. I like to sew some parts of my teddy bears on the featherweight, it is strong and easy to clean. Some parts had to be done by hand.
Wilma en Heidi did some homework too.

On the second day the parts were put together, eyes put in. Here Wilma's teddy bear without stuffing.

Heidi's teddy bear is also patiently waiting to be stuffed.

Closing the back..

Stuffing the back..

Still with no nose, but already two different characters.

Heidi's happy teddy bear, ready!!

Wilma's teddy bear, a bit shy but friendly and finished too!

In the sun, posing for all our camera's.

Everything is packed after two very nice days with two very talented students!!! They worked very hard. We were all happy with the results!!

Ready to go home and Heidi's teddy bear was looking out of this bag to see where he was going...

And so is Wilma's....we will meet again soon;)

The pattern was designed by me, a 'Annemiekebears pattern'. I used to make lots of teddy bears and sell them on teddy bear shows a couple of years ago. I still like to make them once in a while. I'll show it here when a new teddy bear is 'born'. May be there will be a new teddy bear generation in the coming years!

For tools and supplies in the Netherlands I usually go to Berenatelier Tierlantijntje (click for their webshop)

P.S.  Heidi made a nice post on the workshop too, you can find it here

Have a good weekend,



Friday, 13 February 2015

Pompom cover for old monkey

Hi, this is monkey and today he got a new cover for his bed, made out of many pompoms. I'll show you how it is made. I got this idea from a book, probably from the seventies.

Here are the pompoms from up close.

It is done on a frame (made out of a painters canvas. The linen is being taken off). Lots of nails 2cm apart, sock wool  leftovers from one nail to the other, up and down until the frame is full.

At the crossings the threads are being tied up. Not with wool, I tried, but it is better to use strong thin unbreakable sewing thread.

After that I cut the threads in between every square like above BUT SAVE THE TWO BOTTOM THREADS!! This way the pompoms stay tied together forming a little blanket.

Cut loose from the frame.

After the cutting is finished, rub the pompoms with your hands to make them fluffy and spray with a little water so all the pompoms get even more fluffy.

Monkey is off to bed with his new pompom cover.

He doesn't need help....


Nice and warm....

Goofie (our dachshund or teckel of 14) needed to inspect the new blanket.

By the way, this monkey is probably English, more then a 100 years old, he has real 'shoe button' eyes and is filled with excelsior.  I'm being told that he is a very  rare stuffed monkey.

Monkey couldn't sleep, had lots of things to think about so.....

Lizzy (our dachshund or teckel of 6) gave him a goodnight hug  :)

Have a good weekend!!!!!!



Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Teddybears, old and new (1)

My old Teddybear called: Bear. He was a present for my first birthday in 1962!

 My love of teddybears started with this, now very worn, bear. He is now 52 years old. There is no label with a brand name on him. He is just a brandless bear, but for me a very special one. He is filled with excelsior, you can see it coming out of his feet and hands. He once had a growling voice but it doesn't work anymore as with a lot of old teddybears. When I was young he had once been taking a bath. I don't know if I did that, but anyway he had to stay outside in the garden to dry which took days! I remember being so worried that he had to stay outside alone...poor bear. I'm glad he is still with me.I could have lost him because my mum tried to throw him away a few times. She said he was old and dirty and I was too old for him. After the last time she gave up and believed me that I was determined to keep him forever.

A handmade teddybear 25 cm tall, my own design.

Together with a big and miniature handmade teddybear, my own designs too. 

I started making teddybears in 1994 and designed my own patterns, won a few prizes too and after selling bears on teddybearshows for a lot of years,  quiltmaking took most of the bear making time. Recently I started to make new bears now and then. Nice to see them 'coming alive' in my hands again.

Teddybear, playing fox

This bear, playing fox, was made by me the other day. This pattern is from Sasha Pokrass . I bought her pattern in her Etsy shop. It is totally different bear compared to mine but it is a fun pattern to make, this bear with his fox trousers and cap.

I'm just playing fox for the day, I can put off this costume when I go to sleep;)

Have a good week,



Thursday, 1 January 2015

Vendee, clear skies, Atlantic ocean, bright colours.

Even een impressie van een paar daagjes Vendee, in Frankrijk. Heldere luchten, de Atlantische oceaan, vissersboten, zeemeeuwen, wiite huizen, geschiedenis en boomklimmen!!
Just an impression of a few days Vendee, in France. Bright skies, the Atlantic ocean, lots of fishing boats, seagulls, white houses, history and clibing trees!