Sunday 6 March 2016

Great find!!!

THIS is what I found yesterday, at a Dutch antique textiles fair in Maarn!!! Isn't it beautiful????

I immediately noticed it was a silk quilt, not quilted, with a thick batting (looked may be like wool) and backing at the back . It is not quilted at all, only the backing was stitched through the batting and the whole was finished with a trimming around the edge.

The grey silk fabric in between the rosettes of hexagons is special too, I think. I didn't see this colour a lot in books. There was some damage on quite a few fabrics. It has to do with the way they starched the fabric before using it. Sadly the silk breaks. I learned that from An Moonen.

The ladies of the booth were kind enough to hold it so I could take a picture.

Where is the quilt now? I didn't buy it.... I thought it would need a proper home with someone who could take care of it and preserve it for the future. Somewhere everyone could go and look at it, I thought. So this is what I did:

I saw An Moonen at another stand and asked her if she wanted to look and may be buy that quilt and she did. I hope to be able to meet her soon so I can see her antique quilts, see this beauty again and hear more about it. She was very happy and thanked me. I feel I rescued a quilt today!!! 

If you visit An Moonen's site or weblog you can write her and arrange a visit with a group and have a wonderful afternoon hearing all the history and see antique quilts.

Note: the quilt is probably from around the 1850s!

Have a nice Sunday,


(ps I know some people might say I should have bought it myself and I could have sold it for more. I thought about that later in the car home....I think I will never be a rich girl this way; but I'm still very happy!)


BezigeBijMirjam said...

Wat goed van je om An in te lichten. Daar is die quilt goed op zijn plek.

betty prins said...

Het is id een heel bijzondere quilt en in uitstekende handen nu van An Moonen.

Wilma said...

Wat lief van je! En wat bijzonder. Lieve groetjes

Dawn said...

Lovely, and a great home with An. Very special.

Lucy said...

Echt heel mooi.

Willy said...

Dat is een prachtige vondst. Leuk dat de quilt nu in handen is van An Moonen.

Nifty Quilts said...

It's a wonderful quilt, and you have arranged a very good home for it.

Supergoof said...

Wat is dit gaaf!
Die prachtige klederdrachten en ook nog een Antieke!
Op naar An Moonen!

Judy Martin said...

What a beautiful quilt you discovered. That grey silk sets off the other colours so well. x