Saturday 12 March 2016

Another 1718 update and lollipops tutorial

The back of the coverlet top in progress.

Detail of the coverlet top with one of the lollipops block (the large block with the 16 hearts on the right).

  I almost finished the third lollipops block, not the easiest blocks to make.

This is how I made the lollipops block:
I prepared all the hearts, and 'sticks' as  normal applique pieces.  I use Floriani ( bought it here: Hergarden, Beverwijk , it is a water soluble stabilizer) and fold and glue the seam allowances to the back. I placed them on the pattern in the book to glue them temporarily together, the hearts on the 'sticks'.

 Secondly I made the dark pieces, using freezer paper on top. This way it is easy to see where they are going and glued them together.

 This is how the back looks.

 The second one is done.

 Sewed these two together with the pieced triangle (inset seam)

I use the freezer paper shapes over and over again. Here I used a white pencil to draw on the dark fabric, around the freezer paper shapes. After this the freezer paper can be removed.

 The back again, after half of the lollipops block is finished.

 And the front. Hope this  little tutorial was helpful.

This is the update of my coverlet top so far. I made 146 blocks (some are not on this photo but on my design wall and not attached yet), 36 blocks to go.

Have a nice Weekend,

 note: The Floriani stabilizer and some coffee and/or tea dye will disappear after washing when it is finished.




ineke said...

Hoi Annemieke wat een aparte quilt zeg. Je bent goed bezig. Lijkt mij zo moeilijk om te maken. Succes verder. Groetjes ineke

Marja said...

Sohee je eerste foto lijkt wel glas-in-lood, mooi joh!
Ondingen hè die lolliepops, heb er 2 af, ben moed aan het verzamelen voor de 3e;)


Every Stitch said...

It is looking just fabulous! I love your choices of fabrics and colours !

Sis Voorn said...

Alleen al het woord *lollipopblok* is leuk ! ;-)
Kende ik nog niet...dank je wel !

Phyllis said...

Wat wordt dit prachtig! En zo netjes, dank voor deze tutorial, het is altijd super om technieken van anderen te zien.

Dorothy said...

It's all looking wonderful.

Nifty Quilts said...

It looks so great!! Very much like the original, but also your own. Thanks so much for showing how you made the lollipop blocks. I've been afraid of those. You're nearly done already!

jolie said...

Wordt geweldig en de kleuren zijn warm. Wat een werk.

Nancy said...

This tutorial is so helpful to me. I have been completely stumped as to how to make this block.
I must say I wish I had never seen or started this quilt. The block are such a pain to make.
Your version is just beautiful.