Friday 25 July 2014

Moose under orange and pink trees on my balcony and my orange dress

This tabllecloth is made out of  Ikea Algört stof . It was in my closet for some time and I didn't buy enough for my round table but this week I suddenly got the idea to use it out on the balcony. It cheers up the whole balcony see? It costs only 6,99 euro for one meter. It is a thick cotton and easy to wash in the washing machine. I only had to make four little seams.I made more tablecloths out of Ikea fabric. I like a lot of the designs they made, it is also cheap and good value for your money.

This was before....

Here with the tablecloth before the sun came out on the balcony.

And here the table in full sunlight.

You can see, in the first picture, a small piece of the fabric of my dress I made last year. There is so much to see, it is like a town map and I like the colours. I kept it in my closet for maybe 20 years or so? I liked it so much I didn't want to cut it up... It was made by  Oilily  and I bought it back then in a outlet shop. I don't know if you can buy fabric from Oilily on the bold nowadays.

 It is just a simple dress. I used a pattern  for the top part but just gathered a rectangle of the fabric for the skirt and made a high waist.

The moment I put the dress on the ground Lizzy thought: Thank you and made herself comfortable:)
I thought if I didn't want to wear the dress anymore I am left with a good piece of fabric anyway to make something else out of it.

In Haarlem there is an antique market in spring and summertime sometimes on a Saturday. You can click on the link for the dates and address. I bought these small tablecloths. I might use the lace in a quilt sometime.




Marga (MarPie) said...

Erg leuk geworden je jurk, heerlijk echt een zomerjurkje.
Tafelkleedje ook goed geslaagd.
Tja Ikea heeft goed stof, gebruik nu de letterstof voor een achterkant van een quilt.


Nifty Quilts said...

You have redecorated your balcony beautifully! I love the Ikea fabrics too, but haven't used them much. Your dress is very pretty. I'll bet it's fun to wear in the summer.

Unknown said...

He Annemieke,

Wat gezellig bij jou.
Het tafellaken heb ik toevallig vandaag gekocht. Ik dacht er grote zomerkussens van te maken.

Ook gezellig dat jij in werkelijkheid twee teckels hebt.

Je vraag over mijn dachshund is heel terecht. Toby op de foto is de teckel van mijn broer.
Zelf heb ik alleen knuffel Henk:
Daar komt de naam van mijn blog vandaan.

Voorlopig heb ik mijn handen vol aan de drie katten.
Verder komen mijn hobby's sterk overeen met die van jou.

Pauline said...

Wat ziet dat er heerlijk zonnig uit op je terras! Je tafelkleed is super!
Je jurk is een toppertje, je wordt er vrolijk van en je blijft kijken naar de print.
Je teckeltje heeft groot gelijk dat het dankbaar gebruik maakt van je aanbod, dat was het toch? ;-)