Thursday 31 July 2014

Big red, blue and white blocks and garden pictures

Remember I told about the tablecloths in my previous post which I bought at an antique market? The lace border in the above picture was part of one of them. The middle part of the cloth had stains so I cut that out.

I just wanted to make blocks, big blocks and use up some of my blue fabrics. I also wanted to try to make little diamonds cut with the ruler from Jaybird Quilts, see picture below.

I bought this ruler at the Quiltboutique.

In 2012 I bought these old sheets and wrote about it here . I finally used the blue one as the outside border of the above quilt block. It is a bit soft but I thought it fits nicely around the blue and white lace border.

Another block, the pattern is called  'courthouse steps' . I didn't measure anything. I'm just making big parts and square up to 60 cm x 60cm.

Like this one too, also 60cm x 60cm.

 Sis of  Labradoodle quilts , who is soon starting a vegetable garden, asked if she could see some garden pictures of my garden. I thought I would make some and show them here. ...the only thing is that my garden (sort of an allotment with no vegetables but only flowers, fruit and plants) is really overgrown (see above photo). I just didn't do much work in the garden because of a sore arm, but hope to make it more accessible soon. I walked through the garden and got all scratched up, it is sort of a jungle, well a Dutch jungle.

This was the garden 1,5 month ago ( I know, a lot of weeds too).

 The positive side is that there are so much insects. A lot of bees, so that's good!!

 Like here too...

  And here...

and butterflies

So may be it will be like this soon again. See my two dogs almost meet in the middle on this garden path?
I will show more pictures of the fruit shrubs soon.



Nifty Quilts said...

I love what you've done with the lace and blue fabrics!
Your "Dutch jungle" is beautiful. I'm partial to the "overgrown" look.

Sjoukje said...

Wat goed, je bent echt stoffen aan het hergebruiken! Ik vind je kleurgebruik prachtig! Je tuin overigens ook!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

What a pretty quilt! The garden is so gorgeous too!

Sis Voorn said...

Heerlijk je foto's ... En wat fijn al die insecten.... Niks geen vergif in de buurt !
Wat heb je een ruimte, mijn moestuintje is dan echt een minituintje ;)
But... I will do my very best !!!
Fijn weekend
( ik zit nog lekker buiten )

Willy said...

Leuk dat je het kleedje verwerkt hebt, het ziet er heel mooi uit. Je tuin is ook een plaatje.