Tuesday 2 March 2010

Surprise Spring Swap

Today was the day!!! When I came home I found a Big yellow envelop in my mailbox and imidiateley thougt of the swap. Rushed upstairs and then I waited, made some tea, and sat down to enjoy, because I waited for this moment and I wanted to enjoy every minute of it.

This is what came out of it: a package with little birds stamped on it and a ribbon of lace.I find it so much more excited to open a package if I know there is something in it wich is 'homemade'.

I first read this nice card with your friendly words. Thank you Fallon! I'm a little bit struggling finding words to express my feelings. I find that much easier in Dutch. The card looks the same as my sewing table, isn't that funny. You really must have been looking very good here on my weblog. And I like the green strawberry.

In the selfmade wrapping paper was a beautiful pillow cover! I really didn't expect such a real big present. It is one of the covers I saw in Fallon's store. I was actually impressed because of the subjects (houses and garden) and the colors which Fallon chose. See here these pictures..... I think I never showed my couch and diningroom chairs...Very good match I think. I find a good size pillow to put inside and it sits on my favourite chair.

I think it looks very happy and I love the flowers in the garden and the 'real' garden bench!

The fabrics are very beautiful. The one with the birds are just my colors, a lot of red and purple. The other one is funny and different from everything else. I also like that one very much.

So I hope you have had a good view of the surprise swap. I'm very happy with it. I could not have imagined that it would be such fun to join this swap.
Thanks also to Heleen and Corrie for organising this swap.
And Thank you very much Fallon to have put so much effort and care in this surprise swap. I hope you will receive mine soon.



Heleen said...

What a nice card and pillowcover! I love the sweet flower garden on it! Fallon did great. I can't wait to see what you made for her.
It's great to see the first swap results!

corry said...

You received some wonderful spring gifts! I love the pillowcover with the flowers and garden bench. Fallon did a great job!

Fallon said...

Ohhhhhhh yey! I'm so happy it finally arrived! I havn't checked the mail today but I hope mine is in there!! You are soo very welcome, it was a lot of fun to make. You mentioned how you would love a home and garden so I thought I would make you one :) I'm very happy you like the pillow cover and what a bonus that it happens to match your furniture. Enjoy... and I hope we can keep in touch after the swap :)