Thursday 25 February 2010

Old quilttop

This is an old quilttop that I bought. I like the different fabrics and to me they look like fabrics from the 40'ties or 50'ties. The blocks are looking allright but the pink (or lilac) pieces in between don't stay flat. The blocks are handsewn and the pink pieces are sewn with the machine in a very unaccurate way. I talked to some people about it at my quiltstore and some friends but most of them would not take it apart but leave the top the way it is. May be it is the best thing to do. At first I wanted to replace the pink parts but every block has a different size. That would then be a very big job and it wouldn't be an antique top but a bit of everything.

It is hanging in my sewingroom right now and I like looking at the colors and the odd looking fabrics. It's my first old quilttop I bought and I'm happy with it!



Heleen said...

Whauw it is a beauty!!

Fallon said...

Oh I would love to find something like that. Its so pretty!