Friday 30 November 2018

Crib quilt with 8 pointed star

Just a simple little quilt, crib size, finish. I started the top in 2004! The pattern inspiration came from old antique Dutch crib quilts.

The white fabric with the little flowers was a handkerchief and small tray cover made by my mother-in-law. Although the edges were worn, I could use the middle parts for these patches and made a top in remembrance of her. I chose the other fabrics, because I thought they could have been her colours as well.

The initials of her surname and maiden name are written in the middle with the year of her birth: 1918 and the year she passed away, 2004. I admired her because she had a strong personality, was a positive thinking woman, could be very strict, but took care of her little family the best she could, no matter what.

At the back is a lovely bird fabric. I saved it for several years. It feels good to finally have made use of it.


Size: 78 cm by 91 cm (about 31"by 36")
fabrics: all cotton
batting: 100% cotton Hobbs
sewn and quilted by machine, except for the circle in the middle, it is appliqued by hand.

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