Saturday 23 May 2015

Quiltshow at Hippolytushoef (Wieringen), small finishes and geocaching

We planned a day geocaching at Wieringen, in the north of Holland and there were quilts hanging in shop windows, by surprise, in a place called Hippolytushoef. These mugs were appliqued on a black background, which isn't visible in the photo, but gives a fun result! This quilt is made by Tineke Tauber.

A quilt in a bike shop. It looked like a combination of cotton and wool. I like the unusual choice of colours. Made by Marion Baijs.

These obviously Dutch quilts were made with special Dutch handkerchiefs, very nice.I'm sorry I didn't write down the makers of these two. I think the bottom one is also made by Tineke Tauber.
This quilt exhibition and 'quilt walk'  through town is to be seen until 31th of may. Further details here

It is such a nice area with old Dutch houses and farms. Very beautiful. Long time ago Wieringen has been an Island but as with many area's in our country, we made land out of water, so Wieringen is no longer an island. People still say they are living on Wieringen, not in Wieringen though!

The  geocaches we found today, were made and hidden with lots of creativity and care. One of them was hidden in an old mailbox in a 'open air' brocante shop (second hand and/or antique ware).

Everything was dispalyed just outside in a few open closets. If you want to buy something you just put the price tag and money in a small box. They just trust the buyers.
Lovely coffee pot....maybe I should have bought it....

Lots of interesting things to see!!

You could smell the see every where. One side of Wieringen still touches the water. Here we had to answer questions about the soil and plants in order to be able to log a cache.

I finished this little bag for my Mums birthday. I tried out making roses with silk ribbon. The family also gave her a dinner party. That's what she liked most: being together with the whole family. I'm so glad she had a wonderful day.

I finally finished this knitting role.

In stead of saving all the pieced blocks, embroideries, applique try outs and more, I pieced them all into one big top. The result is: I can delete projects of my to-do list, so that's good!
It was a bit difficult to make a sandwich because of the 'assistance' I got....

I will show more if I have done some quilting and embroidery on it and have better pictures;)
I already give a warning: it is a bit of a strange collection! (someone here at home even said it was ugly!)


ineke said...

Leuke vondst en wat je quilt betreft, ik laat me verrassen. Fijn weekend ineke

Wilma said...

Oeoeoeoeoeh wat maak je me nieuwsgierig! spannend.
Leuk die koffiemokkenquilt in de etalage.
Gefeliciteerd met je moeders verjaardag.

Rachaeldaisy said...

These are wonderful photos from your day out. Such a pretty town and so perfect that there was a quilt show too. I particularly love the quilt with coffee mugs. You've got a cute helper to help you.

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