Thursday 19 February 2015

Teddy bear workshop

In two days I teached two ladies: Wilma  en Heidi  how to make a teddy bear.  The pattern we used is from my own teddy bear on the left. Everything was ready: all the materials, tools, pattern, coffee and cake.

They brought a special giant cooky from Spakenburg, the writing says in Dutch: 'Hurray the 4th of March,  bear day'. So lovely and very tasty. It was a bit funny though because it was February not March, but never mind, it tasted great anyway!

First we started choosing the fabric, not easy because they were all different. I dyed the teddy bear fabric in different colours and made it look old already.Then they started tracing the pattern, cutting the pieces and pinning everything together.

My two Singer Featherweights came in handy. I like to sew some parts of my teddy bears on the featherweight, it is strong and easy to clean. Some parts had to be done by hand.
Wilma en Heidi did some homework too.

On the second day the parts were put together, eyes put in. Here Wilma's teddy bear without stuffing.

Heidi's teddy bear is also patiently waiting to be stuffed.

Closing the back..

Stuffing the back..

Still with no nose, but already two different characters.

Heidi's happy teddy bear, ready!!

Wilma's teddy bear, a bit shy but friendly and finished too!

In the sun, posing for all our camera's.

Everything is packed after two very nice days with two very talented students!!! They worked very hard. We were all happy with the results!!

Ready to go home and Heidi's teddy bear was looking out of this bag to see where he was going...

And so is Wilma's....we will meet again soon;)

The pattern was designed by me, a 'Annemiekebears pattern'. I used to make lots of teddy bears and sell them on teddy bear shows a couple of years ago. I still like to make them once in a while. I'll show it here when a new teddy bear is 'born'. May be there will be a new teddy bear generation in the coming years!

For tools and supplies in the Netherlands I usually go to Berenatelier Tierlantijntje (click for their webshop)

P.S.  Heidi made a nice post on the workshop too, you can find it here

Have a good weekend,




Wilma said...

Hey Annemieke,
Wat een leuk blogje, het was zo gezellig en wat een mooie beren hebben we nu dankzij jou! goed uitgelegd en heel geduldig. Dank je wel voor de leuke dagen, verwennerijen en mooie beer. Een fijne ervaring. Tot gauw.
Lieve groetjes

Wilma said...

O,ja wat een mop hé?! helemaal in de bonen met de datum.

ineke said...

Wat leuk 2 beren vriendjes erbij.Fijn weekend. ineke

Nifty Quilts said...

The teddy bears are lovely and so lovable! I can't imagine a more enjoyable way to spend two days. It is interesting to see how the two bears have their own "personality." I'm sure the makers will treasure them.

Sis Voorn said...

Hoi Annemieke, wat zijn ze LEUK geworden !!!!
Kunnen wij het eens over een datum hebben ? ;-)

Una said...

Oh I just love the Bears,it's something I would love to make but I wouldn't know where to start..Una...

Heidi Kuijer said...

Hallo Annemieke! Heb net een blog geschreven over de workshop en zie jij ook... Wat leuke fotos van onze twee dagen. Het was geweldig. Wilma en ik zijn vol met liefde voor onze beren.

Heel hartelijk bedankt!

Lucy said...

Wat Mooi Annemieke! Ik zou ook wel les bij je willen hebben voor zo'n beer :-)

Supergoof said...

Wat zijn ze LIEF!!!!!!

Judith said...

Wat leuk dat je dit hebt gedaan. Wilma vond het geweldig. En wat enig dat die beren ook zo hun eigen uitstraling hebben. Helemaal super, en die datum...... ach we willen gewoon naar het voorjaar!

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