Friday 3 October 2014

Old embroidery and fun quilt fabrics

This is the start of a new quilt. The top is sewn together.

 The work in progress: I made just simple square blocks of 12cm by 12cm. I chose this size because of the embroidery blocks I wanted to use.

 Like this one with the bunnies in the dunes. All the embroidery blocks are sceneries from my country: The Netherlands. I found this embroidery at the thriftstore (we call it  'kringloopwinkel' ).

 There were exactly 8 embroidery pieces, so I used them all. Who knows who made them ? That is what I think when I take it home. The work is done very neatly. I always think it is a bit sad if such nice work ends up in a thrift store. Well good for me though..I love working with this..

 When it is finished it will fit on this table.

 And another picture, just because I'm so happy with it how it turned out. It took me a whole evening to design everything because I didn't have enough of some fabrics, so I had to start over a few times.

 I like the crazy, pink and yellow horses from Tula Pink.  And the big flowers from the Anna Maria Horner fabric, it matches the checker fabrics, big and small, very well.

  This is one, with the owls, is of my favorite fabric!

 Photo from a distance....and I put fabric on the back ( so called 'toile de beurre' in French and may be 'cheescloth'  in English?)  so I can embroider over the top. This is a bit of an  experiment!!

 I bought embroidery stuff during my holiday in France. Now I only need the courage and a plan to start to embroider.

I read this book: The last Runaway' by Tracy Chevalier. Such a nice book, very well written, about a young woman emigrating to America in the 19th century, about her life,  a lot of history of daily life and slavery and... quilts! So I couldn't ask more and  I will look for other books by Tracy Chevalier.

Have a good weekend,



ineke said...

Een mooie top en snap dat het een heel gepuzzel is geweest. Succes met het afwerken ervan. Fijn weekend ineke

Sis Voorn said...

Ik vind het een geweldig idee!
Wat leuk om de borduurtjes zo een nieuw leven in te blazen...super !!!

betty prins said...

Ja, wat Sis zegt, een supergoed idee om de borduurwerkjes te gebruiken. Ik ben daar ook dol op!
Leuk, jouw boekentip, ik heb meer werk van haar gelezen, erg goed geschreven.

Nifty Quilts said...

This is wonderful! I love your rescue of the embroidery blocks. Not only did you have the good sense to purchase them, but you have honored their maker with a beautiful quilt! Your color and pattern combinations are stunning. I love your work!

Unknown said...

Dag Annemieke,

thank you for the very nice compliment. Happy to oblige. It really is my pleasure to make people happy!

Dikke felicitaties voor je jarige dachshund. Wat ziet hij er leuk uit, zeg! Geef hem maar een dikke knuffel van me.

En jou patchwork is overheerlijk. zoals je zelf al zegt: die uiltjes gewoonweg shitterend, en dan die wilde paardjes erbij, om maar van de borduurwerkjes te zwijgen.... Gigantisch!

Wilma said...

Wat een geluk dat we dezelfde workshop doen, heel gezllig. Superleuk dat borduurwerk in je quilt verwerkt, wat een vrolijke quilt. Daar wordt je vast blij van wanneer je er naar kjikt.

dutch sisters said...

Wat een superleuke quilt! Ik vind de combinatie van je lapjes en borduursels mooi gevonden. En de kleuren maken me vrolijk met dit herfstachtig weer.