Sunday, 4 June 2017

'Foep' quilt with crazy borders finished!

Lots  of pictures of my finished 'Foep quilt'.  Enjoy!
Most birds have embroidered eyes, not this one. The fabric was just in the right place for this little bird. It made me happy when this happens.

This 'Foep' quilt has crazy borders. The original borders are beautiful, all made out of lace but I found my borders needed more colour for an overall balance. Crazy borders with a chicken found at a thrift shop.

Lots of ric-rac and other ribbons, fun for the children who will be sitting under this quilt. Probably my sister's grandchildren if they want too. 

My initials in light blue, embroidered with a chain stitch and perlé yarn number 8.

The title of the quilt and also the title of the children's story book by Ingid van der Harst embroidered in chain stitch too.

Some fabrics are a bit old like the brown one with flowers from the 90's, some new quilt fabrics, some from thrift shops like the dark blue shirt fabric...

 And others are from table napkins or Dutch folklore fabrics. There is different eyelet in there too like the light brow bird.

Fabric pocket on the back of the quilt, for the book about 'Foep' the cat.

Bird fabric scraps on the back of the quilt. I bought this at Ikea long time ago.

With Oscar of course. Always helpful.

The sun was a bit bright for taking pictures but I wanted to post about the 'Foep' quilt today and not wait another day;)

If you want to make the quilt too (and order the little book to read to little children) you can find the pattern here (available in English too)


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Wool dyeing

These are woolen and linen fabrics I collected. I will make a tulip, based on 1970's pattern, out of it together with a very good friend. We will both make our own version.
I needed more greens so I started to dye woolen fabrics.

 Before the dye bath.

I used Dupont wool dye . It is very easy to use. You only add vinegar to the water en the dye.
Then simmer the pan with the wool for 20 minutes.

Some greens started as a yellow fabric ( a used woman's jacket send by my friend all the way from the US:), others as grey or beige checked or striped. All fabrics come from thrift shops.

 The dyed yellow woolen fabric up close, turned into a nice green.

This whole dyeing process is so addictive! I tried it with some sheep wool too, spun by my father-in-law.

 All kinds of lovely shades, a bit like Italian ice cream like my husband noted.

 After dyeing I noticed an Indian cress (tropaleolum majus) with same light orange colour. Funny is't it?

 And see here some same colours were in these roses on my breakfast table.

The beginning of my tulip quilt journey.....I hope to show you regular updates of this project, but first want to finish my Foep quilt (birds and cats quilt).

Enjoy your week,


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

'Foep' (birds and cats) quilt update

 My second Foep (birds and cats) quilt update. The first Foep post was here.

I made some changes and added lace in some places.

 Lots of lace on the brown border to tone down the brown.

 And other trim as well.

 Ric rac trim in the right yellow/mustard colour and old French trim.

For the outside borders I made crazy blocks and used lots of scraps including this thrift shop embroidery.

 This border with the crazy blocks on the left still needs quilting. I made the quilt 'as you go'. This means when I'm done sewing the borders I finished it all. I hope to be able to show the end result soon!

And finally meet Oscar at this blog. He is our new dog friend who came to live with us, after his former owners couldn't take are of him anymore. He made friends with us and our little dachshund Lizzy, so all is well.


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

doll making

My first 'Waldorf style' doll. She is made from this pattern (appr. 30 cm long) I made her clothes without a pattern (just by trial and error;) I wanted to try this technique for quite a while.

She is having a chat with an older teddy bear friend, also made by me. 

In the mean while a friend and I started a workshop at Wolletje wit in Alphen aan de Rijn to make a 'Walldorf style' doll filled with sand. Technically a more challenging job because of all the sand filled limbs inside of her. She is a lot bigger, about 50 cm long.

The doll on the left is made by my friend Marieke and the one on the right by me. I learned a lot of new things and we had a wonderful two days filled with hard work, good lunches and a very friendly and skillful teacher, the owner of Wolletje Wit, Kitty .

Pip still needs a warm sweater, but here she shows her new (reversible)dress.

While waiting for the second day of the workshop ( There were two weeks between the first and second day) I decided to try to make a 'fiber art doll' on my own. To make such a doll, there are a lot more felting techniques involved to sculpture a doll face. For this doll I bought a pattern at this Etsy shop. A good, clear detailed pattern with lots of photo's. It is intriguing to make a face yourself!!! As if you are meeting a new caricature for the first time.

Here she is again with the small first doll. No clothes yet, so she is wrapped in a doll quilt. For her hair I used wool from Iceland. I didn't want to use too expensive doll hair because it was to practice doll making for me.

 Here she is with her new outfit and surrounded by lots of new furry friends who are very curious about this new family member!
I called her Miyuki. This also means deep snow and because she is very white and happens to wear clothes made of Japanese fabrics, this name seems appropriate.
(All things furry made by me except for the kiwi, he is made by Ty).

I find it almost impossible to stop making dolls....I still have this needle felted head and a new piece of fabric waiting so may be I will try to make one more.

But first this tomorrow back to quilting: a workshop by Margaret Sampson George  in Amsterdam here. I'm so excited and very curious!!!