Monday 16 October 2017

Summer 2017 catch up

I started to work on my 70's tulip quilt, which I mentioned here  .All the applique is down but I want to embroider over it, so work on this one will continue.

On holiday in June, I started this kaleidoscope quilt. Not as easy as it seems. I really had to pay attention to what colours (and shades) to pick. 

Somewhere in between projects I made this top with the big churn dash blocks. I loved working with big blocks for a change. I used thrift shop shirts, new quilt fabric, old French fabric, a handkerchief and some 80's fabric.

I started to embroider from this book by Cecile Franconi. All of the projects are not big, easy to finish in a couple of days. And the more I practice the more I learn. Fun to learn new things!

This is a card I embroidered for a good friend. There is no pattern in the book, but I just thought to give it a go and learn on the way.

Another good friend send me lots of silk pieces for a new exciting project, all the way from the USA. 

After washing and ironing it looked like this.

With the help of my husband, I draw blocks, mostly on the computer, after a quilt from 1765,  in possession of Huis Doorn (the Netherlands) but once made in the UK.  Sadly the quilt is in a depot. I hope to see it once.
There is a picture of it in this book by An Moonen on page number 124 and 125.

I enjoyed making a replica of the 1718 quilt ( York, UK). Since the 1765 quilt from Huis Doorn reminded me of the 1718 quilt I started thinking of making another replica. I hope to show you more blocks soon. I'm still collecting silks, which is not that easy, but fun. It will be my first silk quilt.



Marja said...

Wat een leuk nieuw project, die oude quilt van Huis Doorn. Hij heeft wel iets weg van die 1718 Coverlet volgens mij, de foto's van Huis Doorn zijn niet echt heel duidelijk. Heel veel succes!


Ruth said...

You have lots of projects going on! I do to!! I love the churn dash quilt - have always planned to make one, but haven't yet. Can't imagine working with silk - so pretty!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

What happy colors to greet me!I love your embroidery!

Nifty Quilts said...

You have been busy with many beautiful projects! Your work always inspires me to try something new.

Sandi said...

Love your tulips, I made one in the Spring of cottons, it was a pattern in a Quiltmania magazine that I modified by changing the block size and added my own leaf designs, I look forward to see what you are next.