Sunday 28 June 2020


This is Livia,

Although she has been with me for a few weeks, maybe a bit more, I hesitated to make pictures of her and 'put her on line'. Also it has been such a long time since I have been here! Today I took the chance;)  Enjoy her pictures!

It started back in April with a pattern called 'Big fig' I bought from Fig & Me 

Here her head is covered. The whole process took days!!!

Here she is finished and ready for clothing.

Her hair is made of wild brush-able mohair yarn. 

With this doll I learned to make little knees 💖

I made her a dress and underskirt from woven Japanese fabric and embroidered it with small silk ribbon flowers (my own pattern)

Her shoes are crocheted, made to fit (no pattern)

We went out today to explore an abandoned house site. Lots of wild flowers here. Because it is very windy she wears her woolen col. May be she will need a cardigan and hat later.

Her undies made of quilt fabric, has a pocket because her skirt doesn't have one and I believe one always need a pocket😉

The sun came through. 

Livia with her little family, a little baby brother and a small toy doll in a all in one suit. ('Baby fig'  and 'Wee baby' pattern)

Well you know how little sisters are.....

And how hard it is to choose from all the pictures!

And one more, 
lots of love and thanks for visiting!



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Willy said...

Prachtig, en wat een werk. Ze heeft een lief snoetje en lijkt een beetje op Laura van het kleine huis op de prairie.
Wat zul je trots zijn op jouw poppen.