Wednesday 31 May 2017

Wool dyeing

These are woolen and linen fabrics I collected. I will make a tulip, based on 1970's pattern, out of it together with a very good friend. We will both make our own version.
I needed more greens so I started to dye woolen fabrics.

 Before the dye bath.

I used Dupont wool dye . It is very easy to use. You only add vinegar to the water en the dye.
Then simmer the pan with the wool for 20 minutes.

Some greens started as a yellow fabric ( a used woman's jacket send by my friend all the way from the US:), others as grey or beige checked or striped. All fabrics come from thrift shops.

 The dyed yellow woolen fabric up close, turned into a nice green.

This whole dyeing process is so addictive! I tried it with some sheep wool too, spun by my father-in-law.

 All kinds of lovely shades, a bit like Italian ice cream like my husband noted.

 After dyeing I noticed an Indian cress (tropaleolum majus) with same light orange colour. Funny is't it?

 And see here some same colours were in these roses on my breakfast table.

The beginning of my tulip quilt journey.....I hope to show you regular updates of this project, but first want to finish my Foep quilt (birds and cats quilt).

Enjoy your week,



ineke said...

Wat een apart werkje, maar erg mooi geworden hoor. Succes verder. Groetjes ineke

conny's quilts en creaties said...

Leuk dat stof verven, altijd weer verrassend hoe het uitpakt. Je hebt een mooi resultaat. groetjes, Conny

Nifty Quilts said...

Your hand-dyed colors are wonderful! I'm glad to know the process is easy. I'll look forward to following your progress on this quilt!

Wilma said...

Never aan dull moment. Ziet er prachtig uit al die wollen stoffen en garens.ik kijk uit naar je Foep Finish en je tulip-updates. Leuk Annemieke.
Liefs Wilma

Annelein said...

Wat leuk... zit te genieten van je verfbadjes... Mooie wolletjes zeg! En dan dat garen... hoe bijzonder... gesponnen door je schoonvader...

Dat moet wel een heeeeeeeel mooi eindresultaat geven...*Ü*...