Monday, 21 January 2019

Manx log cabin

This is a doll quilt (or little wall hanging) I made, using a folded log cabin pattern. Oscar our Dachshund, was thinking about joining my doll I guess!

It is also often called: the 'Manx log cabin', originated from the Isle of Man. Fiona of this blog post here wrote a very clear tutorial and nice story of it's history, worth reading! I added a practical little step to this tutorial.

 Like a regular log cabin you start with a square and add strips of fabric in a chosen width.

 Only before stitching the next strip, you fold the sewn strip back (mostly 2/3 of the width, minus the seam allowance). So far the same tutorial like Fiona's.

 What I did to make it easier to iron the fold in the strip is: I used a template (made out of a cereal box) with the desired width.

In my case my strips were cut to 3,5 cm (very narrow, you would prefer to make wider strips). After sewing with a 0,5 cm seam allowance, 3 cm was left. 2/3 of 3 cm is 2 cm. So the width of the fold is 2 cm as is the template is.

 Here the fold is ironed down and you can take a peak under the fold.

a few blocks done

 There is no need to quilt this, which I think is a great advantage! To join the blocks you work like a quilt as you go method ( just picked a clear tutorial by Leanne and Marci with pictures) only in this case you don't have to worry about the batting.

 The things I learned is to: 1st pay attention with what thread you sew, because it shows on the back. Secondly how you start and stop your sewing line, this will also show.

And thirdly only sew the logs length without the seam allowances at the beginning and the end (like in the improvised drawing above). I'm referring to the last rows because this will make it easier to sew the blocks together. 
Sewing the background squares together I chose to do this by hand, probably the only method without sewing all through the front. 

The little quilt is finished with a little binding. I used mostly woven fabrics and linens. Also lots of Japanese woven fabric scraps. I love the feeling of all these types of fabrics, lots of texture!

I first saw an old quilt with this pattern at a friends house in Maryland (USA). Her family called it: 'a toe catcher log cabin', a funny name, I think, but very understandable if you look at all those folds!

Oscar thinking: She smells nice...may be I could try something here....

Me talking to Oscar: I know it seems tempting but you are not going to fit in there as well.....

Enjoy your week,



Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Wow this is a neat way to make a log cabin. Not sure I would like to make anything large but neat for a doll quilt or table topper. Your Oscar is so cute looks like he wished someone would make him a log cabin to sit on. My Max always got on my quilts if I layed them out on the floor. I always thought it was because he wanted attention.

audrey said...

So, so pretty! Wow! Love the look to this style of log cabin.:)

Willy said...

Wat een leuk project en het resultaat is prachtig. Hele mooie kleuren en stofjes. Leuke foto's ook.

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frameless mind said...

Wat is dit mooi geworden!! Het quiltje heeft zo'n mooie antieke uitstraling. Het gebruik van al die verschillende stofjes geeft een ontzettend leuk resultaat. De kleuren zijn prachtig alsook de setting van je blokken. Zeer geslaagd!!!
Groetjes, Liliane

Janice Hebert said...

Hello! I came here from Fiona's "Ice Bear Quilt" blog about the Manx log cabin and I'm so glad I did! I loved Fiona's instructions but your details made it a little more clear in my mind. I love your idea of a template for the strips to keep them the same width. Excellent idea! Your little dog is adorable. Jan in MA

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Alexa said...

Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D



I love your work! And I love dolls as well. A link on my blogsite references my Facebook page for Lily Powers - she is a fashion doll designed and made by Robert Tonner (who no longer makes dolls). I missed my 4 daughters so much that I began playing with dolls once more, and design costumes for "Lily." She is actually several dolls in my collection, and are destined to live with my granddaughter, Keenan Powers.

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