Monday 2 January 2017

More 'Foep'

Over the last days I made some progress on my 'Foep' quilt .

Some of the fabric choices, guarded by one of my early home made Teddies. Some fabrics are quite new, others were in my drawers for decades like the brown one with the orange, yellow and white flowers. Some are quilt fabrics, while some were old cloths like the brown eyelet fabric. There are also men shirts, old sheets and the middle  quilt part background fabric in light blue, is from a doll bed curtain.

To make the 'Foep quilt' I need lots of lace. I already had some for years and years in baskets and boxes.

 If you would like to buy some lace as I did last week, you can look for old and new lace herehere and here.

This is band (cord?) for upholstery I presume. It is French and old. 

 It was the right colour for me.

The quilting I do is simple. I use Valdani thread and make rather big stitches. I make the quilt in a 'quilt as you go' way.

I make all the appliqué birds and eggs by machine and  they need fusible web (already cut out here, on my big Teddy bear's legs) before I iron them on. After that, they are stitched down with a blanket stitch.

Some of the birds and eggs have batting in them to make them more alive.

This is what  I've done so far. I'm enjoying the whole process of making, machine sewing, hand sewing the lace, embroidering and choosing colours.
I hope to be back with more soon.

Have a nice week,


'Foep' pattern by Supergoof, you can order the pattern here (available in English too)


ineke said...

Wat wordt hij leuk. Zo met je eigenstofjes en kantjes. Krijgt hij toch een heel persoonlijke uitstraling. Groetjes ineke

Martine said...

Wat wordt dit leuk.
Komt door al die kleurtje en die doen me denken aan vroeger.

Nifty Quilts said...

I am so enjoying seeing your process with this very happy quilt. What a great place to use your lace collection.

Annie said...

Dit wordt een geweldige Foep quilt, zi leuk met al die kleurtjes !

Elizabeth said...

Wat schattig met die kantjes!

Annemieke said...

Dank voor jullie lieve berichtjes. Een aantal kan ik niet beantwoorden (vanwege een noreply blogger status) dus hoop ik dat jullie dit nog kunnen lezen.