Monday 30 May 2016

Finally I met Brigitte Giblin!

This was a happy day! I finally met Brigitte Giblin. She was in Amsterdam to give workshops at  Den Haan en Wagemakers.  Brigitte is a very talented, friendly and relaxed lady whose work I admire for quite some time now.
As some of you may know I made coverlets from her first book : 'Feathering the nest'  already in 2013 and 2014, see these two photo's below:

You see more pictures here  and here
I had hoped to meet her one day and now was the chance. She gave a workshop called :'Tricks of the trade- Fussy cutting workshop'.

We started with a package of templates (made by Brigitte herself:), paper shapes, laser cut 'paper windows', enough fabric, instructions, photo examples, a folded mirror for finding the right spot to cut into and coffee with sweets. Enough to keep us busy the whole morning!

 All kinds of shapes placed here by Brigitte: this is what she calls playing with fabric.

 She uses beautiful bags to hold all her stuff. You can find the pattern here

Did you ever think of finishing your coverlet (there is no quiltng on most of her coverlets like in the old days in England) with these kind of fringe? Fun isn't it?

Explanation by Brigitte how to choose your fabrics/colours here on the tessellations coverlet from her first book.

Look at this folded quilt's beautiful edge finish!!!

My photo's of this quilt don't do this quilt justice but this was all I could do in the room upstairs the shop.

 The edge again...I will make one someday!

This ( and on the other 3 photo's above) is a quilt you can find on the cover of her second book: 'Feathering the nest 2' and of course all the instructions in the book

How to use the mirror, great method!
Thanks Brigitte for all the tips and tricks on  this wonderful morning. I hope we will meet again some day.
I could not leave the shop without taking some fabric home....

And Than I left Amsterdam again.....full of happy memories.

Have a nice start of the week,



Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Such beautiful quilts. It looks like you had a wonderful class!

ineke said...

Zo dat is een leuk uitstapje geweest. Nu vol inspiratie waa laat je dat.???Gaan het vast zien komende tijd.
Groetjes ineke

Phyllis said...

Mooie, kleurrijke quilts, kan me voorstellen dat je genoten hebt.

apiecefullife said...

That looked like a great workshop. Thanks for all the terrific photos.

Judith said...

Wat een heerlijk verslag van wat ook bij jullie een super dag is geweest. Ik vond het ook een groot feest in Zutphen.

Kyle said...

What a wonderful class for learning great techniques. They'll be useful tools no matter what quilt you're working on. Brigittes quilts are beautiful.

Dawn said...

So glad you had a wonderful class.

Nifty Quilts said...

Wow! What an exciting and inspiring day! All the quilts are stunning, including yours!