Monday 20 April 2015

'Teckels (dachshunds) and bikes quilt' finished!

This quilt is all about strips, different width, mostly pink, grey, light blue and some red, bike fabric and dachshund fabric, all from my stash.

It took me a couple of days to machine quilt this big one. I wrote about making the top here . I didn't think it was that long ago I started this glad I finally decided to finish it!

 The binding, 9 meters(!) was cut on the diagonal because the stripes give a nice effect like this.

The quilt is washed and dried and I'm going to try to sleep under it tonight!!

The pattern is from this book . I like the weblog of Amanda Jean Nyberg (one of the writers) very much.

Some photo's are taken in the sun , like this one. The one on my bed, of course,ia taken inside the house and looks a bit less bright but the colours are looking real.

 And one of our real dachshunds, Lizzy, went with us yesterday, geocaching  in the forest at Soestduinen (located in my country,The Netherlands).

The sand was blown away under the roots of this tree, which made this strange tree stand on 'legs'. Just when I was about to make this picture, Lizzy walked into the 'frame'. Funny isn't it?

Facts about the quilt:
size: 2.35m by 2.15m
fabrics, backing and batting all 100% cotton
sewn and quilted by domestic sewing machine (my Pfaff 4.0 quiltexpression)

Have a great week!



Marga♥ said...

Jij gaat echt als een speer.
Heerlijk gevoel hé?
Toch heel wat anders doorgequilt dan je gedacht had toen.
Dit is thuis op de machine niet bij Klazien.
Met opendag laatst bij haar heb ik ook even op die van haar gespeeld.
Boek heb ik ook. zo leuk.
Deze quilt is echt een plaatje geworden.
De kleuren vind ik ook zo mooi.
Ben benieuwd vanavond met de quiltdoop.
Ooit heb ik ergens gelezen dat een quilt pas echt goed is als er onder geslapen is.


Sis Voorn said...

Staat erg zonnig !!!!!

Ieke78 said...

Great quilt! I just love that book although I haven't made anything out of it

Nifty Quilts said...

Beautiful quilt! Your mix of fabrics makes it soft, yet exciting. The quilted texture is nice too. Your dog looks like a very sweet one.

Dorothy said...

I have that book and love the quilts. Your quilt is lovely.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Such a lovely finish... and a great colour combo!

Marja said...

Wat een heerlijke lente quilt!
Zo zie je weer dat eenvoud het zo vaak goed doet.


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