Monday 8 December 2014

Red and blue experiment, more crocheting in wool and dolls bed.

New project... It is just an experiment and not finished yet. I'm quilting the red and blue scraps with the  cotton (see the balls above) in red and blue.

I like quilting in big stitches with the thin cotton (number 8). May be this piece is just going to be a quarter of a whole quilt. I have to make three more pieces then and sew them together with the 'quilt-as-you-go' method. We'll see.

Some times the light is so beautiful here on the river,  that I have to get my camera out, even if I'm still in my pajamas. This was in the morning.

And now my progress of the woolen crochet blanket. It is 72 cm long now, so I crocheted one third of the whole blanket I guess.

I hope my father in law, who did all the spinning of this wool, has some of the darker wool left. I almost ran out of it and it gives such a nice contrast.

If I'm crocheting I can cover up my legs easily see? He once made me some pair of socks too (the ones I'm wearing here). I saved them for my wooden shoes, which I hope to use again in the garden.

On our last trip in september to the Vendeé (France) I bought an old dolls bed at Les Sables d'Olonne (no website).  It is made of wood and came with a matress and cushion, filled with excelsior (the stuff old teddybears were stuffed with). My home-made teddybear has his own crocheted blanket with ripples.

Here the little bed in the sun in France. I hope to make small curtains for it some time. May be some made out of small hexagons would be nice.

 The matress and cushion were in the fridge for 48 hours,  just in case some little animals were living in there.
 The shop owner said the bed is from the 1930's.

 The bed is totally foldable too!

Our view to the west at the end of the day. The beautiful sky is different every minute of the day and there fore difficult not to photograph, I think.

Have a good week,



Nifty Quilts said...

This is such a beautiful post, back and forth between your projects and the rich colors outside. The crocheted blanket looks so soft and warm. It must be fun knowing that you are crocheting with your father-in-law's own spun wool. I love your patch and stitch "experiment." What a cute little doll bed! Sweet musings on this moment in life.

ineke said...

Een mooi experiment. En wat een schattig bedje. Maar je deken wind ik geweldig, wat mooi door de kleuren die gebruikt, daar wil je gewoon onder liggen.. Groetjes ineke

Wilma said...

wauw wat een mooi uitzicht! je haakdeken is prachtig, je schoonvader is vast in zijn sas dat je zo'n mooie deken maakt.

Jantine Urban said...

Love the crochet blanket! That quilt is great and no words for this incredible doll bed!