Tuesday 24 May 2016

Toile de Jouy

Saturday I found these antique pieces of old quilts with toile de Jouy prints, at an antique market. They are small and some are very worn but I loved them so took them home!!!

This is what I read at the museum at Jouy site and Wikipedia: Making fabrics with these kind of pictures started mid 18th century in Ireland. They became very popular in Britain and France after that. The term 'toile de Jouy' is French and came from the toiles produced in Jouy-en-Jonas (near Paris) starting around 1760. Later these toiles were produced in many more places in France and they all had their own patterns.

So I have a selection of different pieces and they come from different French areas. I don't know which pieces come from where. I hope to find out soon. I already ordered a book about toile de Jouy.

 Interesting and strange pictures aren't they? Some seem to tell stories I think.

Some pieces are quilted (so there are 3 layers) and other pieces are just pieces of single fabrics.
Lots of possibilities to use those in a wall quilt ( probably to fragile to use as a bed quilt). I washed them and laid them out on a bed. Every time I walk by I enjoy looking at them! 
May be any one of you know sites or books with reliable information?

Wishing you lots of creativity,




Pinkadot Quilts said...

They are wonderful, what a great find!

Nifty Quilts said...

What a wonderful collection! I'm sure you'll find many great things to do with these.

Kleine Vingers said...

A few years ago I went to the museum in Jouy near Paris. Very interesting and informative. Maybe they can give you more information.

Pauline said...

Wat een kostbare vondst, ik kan me voorstellen dat je geniet van de plaatjes en de geheimen die nog niet onthult zijn. Succes met je zoektocht.

Dawn said...

Good finds, I want to come shopping with you! Yes, the toiles tell stories. An interesting way to study history. Thanks for sharing.