Sunday, 10 April 2016

Finished with machine quilted feathers, first time!

This was a UFO in my closet for some years and is made from a fabric line by Petra Prins

This little crib size quilt is machine quilted with Invisafil, from Wonderfil which I bought at the Wonderfil stand at the AQS quiltshow in Lancaster, PA. I quilted it on my Pfaff Quiltexpression 4.0.
The quilting is difficult to see, but that is okay for me. I like it for practicing and on some quilts I don't want to see much thread.

After some advice from my friend Teri, I started quilting along the squares in straight lines. After all the fabric was secured, I quilted the feathers in the borders.

I used a batting made out of 80% cotton and 20 % polyester. The quilt is already been in the washing machine.

Happy with the result!!!



Friday, 8 April 2016

Different fabrics and end of USA visit

My friend from Maryland, USA gave me hand dyed fabrics to take home with me and I made this Amish style top out of a red and blue one. This is the first time, I think, I used hand dyes in a quilt like this.
And to make the triangles I finally used the paper: triangles on a roll I won last year

She also taught me  how to machine quilt feathers. I still have to practice a lot, but I like doing it. I hope to show you feathers on this quilt soon.

On our holiday week we turned these shirts into.....

 ...quilting fabrics! Even some dresses of beautiful eyelet fabric (in Dutch: Broderie)!

There were unbelievable large thrift stores... Here I learned to look differently at used fabrics. We had so much fun hunting for good finds!!!

These fabrics are from quilt shops, the AQS quilt show, a real Amish quilt shop, Jo Ann fabrics and even my friend gave me fabric from her stash;) I hope to start using them soon, so I can show new ideas!

The holiday week at my friend and her husbands home gave me lots of good, happy memories!!! We could talk about quilts and exchange ideas forever. It couldn't be any better!

Wishing you a very happy and creative week!



Monday, 4 April 2016

Old books, crazy and Baltimore album quilts, part 2 USA

Lots of photo's in this post!!!

The George Peabody library  is in Baltimore and contains more than 300.000 books mainly from the 1800 and the 1900s. If you want to read something they will get the chosen book for you and you can study the book at a special desk.

 Detail from the iron work....always interesting for someone who likes patterns;)

 They made an exception for us, my friend arranged that we could go up a few stairs. We were happy!

 Beautiful and very impressive building!!!

 These were huge!!!

I accidentally took  photo's of books about 'The united Netherlands' (my country) , so I asked to take a peek inside.
And we looked at an old book about needlework, full of ideas!

 Detail of the library woodwork (at least I think it is wood).

The outside of the Peabody library, all made of marble.

Opposite the library there was a beautiful church. Baltimore has lots of churches.  My friend told me, freedom of faith was one of the main reasons people emigrated to the USA. Baltimore is one of the early settlements of the USA, so lots of history here.

 Me ;) in front of the church.

 This church window is inspiring isn't it?! I love it!

We also visited the Maryland historical museum
Of course the highlight from this visit, for me, were the quilts on display.  Most of them were from around 1850.

 Broderie persé, very beautiful.

A few very impressive and wonderful crazy quilts.

 Braided and embroidered ribbons.

Next to the quilt this was written:
'This crazy quilt was made by Mss Ella Teal and friends for Dr. Jackson Brown Baxley. Mss Teal was Dr. Brown's fiancé when he died suddenly. She never married.'
A sad story isn't it?

 And a few Baltimore album quilts.  I will show some photo's (from the many  I took!)

 And a rather big crazy quilt.

And than we went home over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, back to Maryland after a lovely day full of history, fun and learned a lot!


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Visiting a friend in Maryland, USA, part 1: AQS Lancaster Quilt show

My friend Teri and I had a very big happy and busy week together in the USA, where we met for the first time after writing lots of e-mails to one and other.
One of the things we did was visit the  AQS Lancaster quiltshow. 
One of the quilts there was Teri's:

This picture  is from this newspaper:  The Star (newspaper)
My picture was not good so instead I show you this one above, where you can see all the marvelous quilting in the background. It is a whole cloth quilt and there is free hand embroidery on it and free motion quilting in the background.

A few other quilts:

This quilt is from Margaret Solomon Gunn (Gorham, ME) If you want to see more of her click on her name, it is worth it, I think.

  'Ben's midnight garden'  Barbara Korengold (Chevy Chase, MD)

 Sarah's Revival in blue' by Gail H. Smith an Karen C Mc tavish (North Barrington, IL)

 'Kalocsa' by Chieko Shiraishi (Japan)

 'Holy Mola' by ELizabeth Jane Edwards (Edwardsville,IL)

 'Captain Kimo' by Nancy Sterett Martin (Owensboro, KY)

  'White Wisteria' by Keiko Yoshida (Japan)

 'Blue plate special ' by Susan Stewart (Pittsburgh, KS)

  'The paisley peacock (Bethanne Nemesh, Allentown, PA)

 'Life' by Yoshiko Katagiri, circles made from kimono fabrics.

A miniature quilt showing a ballet dancer, inspired by Degas (painter), made by Bethanne Nemesh (Allentown, Pa)

There will be more in a next post,

Happy Sunday today,