Wednesday 16 September 2015

First impressions of Ste Marie-aux-mines patchwork meeting

 Just some pictures very old quilts,

 Lots of things to buy, very busy at the stands...
 Nice quilts at the exhibitions like this one from Austria (sorry I forgot the name of the maker)

The beautiful fabrics I bought to make the 1718 coverlet (yes a new project;). Some of them are linen from:
Neelam and from Magret Behrends-Kohl (also the scraps at the left). Others are mostly Oakshott cottons at the Quiltcabin from Dortmund.

I enjoyed the first day very much and I will be back with more pictures!



Ieke78 said...

Dat ziet er goed uit daar in de Elzas! Ik stap straks met mams de auto in om ook te gaan.

Nifty Quilts said...

Thank you for showing the photos! The old quilts are just beautiful. Your 1718 Coverlet fabrics are gorgeous! You may get me inspired to continue on mine.

Marja said...

Leuk om wat foto's van daar te zien. Dit jaar ga ik ook aan de 1718 beginnen.