Thursday, 17 September 2015

Second day exhibitions at Ste Marie-aux-mines

Work from Sheila Frampton-Cooper (from the USA, but now living in the Provence). There are many quilts displayed from her, she made all of them the last 5 years. I like her work very much. She told me she works  in an intuitive way, without patterns or plan. She creates it while she works at it.

Sheila Frampton-Cooper: 'Deep sea portals'

Sheila Frampton-Cooper: 'Marie Magdeline de la Sainte Baum'.

These three quilt projects above are made by Barbara Lange from Germany.

 Made by Gaby Mett. I would love to make something like this :)

 Made by Rebecca Campeau (France). Strange isn't it?

Detail photo from work made by Beatrice Lanter.

These two extraordinary quilts were made by Brigitte Busk from Denmark.

This one is called : Flames and made by Hilde van Schaardenburg (The Netherlands)

One of the 'Modern quilt guild'  quilts. There many, but this is a detail from a quilt made by Kathy York (USA)

And the last picture from today. I made my first little block from the 1718 Coverlet. I'm surprised at how similar the fabrics are! This was from a scrap bag I bought yesterday (see post from 16 september 2015).

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. There was so much to see. These photo's above are just a selection from what I liked or wanted to show because it looked new to me.



Wednesday, 16 September 2015

First impressions of Ste Marie-aux-mines patchwork meeting

 Just some pictures very old quilts,

 Lots of things to buy, very busy at the stands...
 Nice quilts at the exhibitions like this one from Austria (sorry I forgot the name of the maker)

The beautiful fabrics I bought to make the 1718 coverlet (yes a new project;). Some of them are linen from:
Neelam and from Magret Behrends-Kohl (also the scraps at the left). Others are mostly Oakshott cottons at the Quiltcabin from Dortmund.

I enjoyed the first day very much and I will be back with more pictures!


Thursday, 3 September 2015

Red and white Irish chain

Lots of sewing done, the past two weeks, on this red and white double Irish chain, but the top is done!!! Lizzy has been by my side until the last stitches. Since we lost Goofie she doesn't lose me out of her sight.

It started in the beginning of 2013( yes I know... more than 2,5 years ago), with the help of my daughter, with cutting fabrics. The pattern is from Bonny Hunter's book:  'Adventures with Leaders & Enders'  

After making one row of blocks it stayed in a box in my closet...

Instead of using a big light piece in the middle parts, as shown here in Bonny's book

I pieced all these light middle parts entirely out of 2" (5cm) squares , because I had so many light scraps. Of course I didn't realize, at the time of cutting them, how much more work that was: I ended up with 3600 squares!!!!!!!!!

I used all kinds of scraps, some of them from the 80ties like the one with the bears and the ducks. Those are one of my earliest quilting fabrics.

All there is left now, is basting and quilting it. I don't know yet how to quilt it. It is quite big:
240cm by 240cm (about 94 by 94 inches).

To be continued :)