Wednesday 1 April 2015

Medallion quilt finished!!!

This medallion quilt just started with the teddy bears square in the middle and grew bigger without a plan or pattern, round after round. So much fun to make!!!! My goal was to use up lots of old fabrics.
My hand made teddy bear is fitting right into this colour scheme ;)

Fabrics mostly from the 90's  with snowmen, 'wild' animals,

Dogs, melons, reproduction fabrics, points cut in different sizes like the liberated way of cutting and sewing Gwen Marston uses in her quilts.

Dachshunds (teckels we call them), Santa Claus (yes he too), Halloween fabrics (never knew what to do with them), lots of teddy bears,

 Old Debbie Mumm fabrics,

 Fits on my table too.

 The quilting is done with crocheting cotton nr 5 in big stitches,

 And the backing fabric,

The whole quilt measures: 1.80 m by 1.80 m.( about 70 inches by 70 inches) and has a very light weight batting.
I hope this will be the start of a lot of finishes to come this year!!!!!!!!!!!




Pauline said...

Wat een enige medallion quilt, origineel gebruik van stoffen, het is een plaatje!

Anonymous said...

Ha Annemieke, Na onze leerzame ochtend gelijk even je site opgezocht. Wat maak je prachtige dingen!
Hartelijke groet, Lianne

Annemieke said...

Dank je wel Lianne en zo leuk dat je gelijk even langs kwam! Ik kon je niet antwoorden omdat het een no-reply comment was dus doe ik het even zo en hoop dat je het leest.

Heidi Kuijer said...

I got to see this when you came to my home. It looks fabulous on your table!