Thursday 17 July 2014

Broderie persé and a bit of nature...

Broderie persé: first time and having fun! I didn't expect it because it is a lot of work and I couldn't imagine that it would look good. The only negative point is the vlisofix I used. It is a bit too stiff, after some sewing (herringbone stitch like I used here) my arm gets sore. Well I have to do a little bit every day than. And next time buy less stiff stuff like 'steam a seem lite'. Here is a nice article about broderie persé, written by Barbara Brackman.

Now and then I make a block out of a box full of, sort of,  matching fabrics. May be someday it will be a quilt like the Sarah Morel quilt, see for images:  Sarah Morel quilt on Pinterest . The idea in the Sarah Morel quilt is that you alternate pieced blocks with Broderie persé blocks. I will sew whatever I want to make on a sewing day :)

Some of the pieced blocks are from a perpetual calender I really like. Every day in this calender has a different block.

Something totally different: Have you ever seen a bat up close?

I'm sorry it is not alive anymore. I found the little animal on the ground in the poring rain but couldn't leave it there. Partly because I find it interesting to see one up close and this way I can put it somewhere else where my dogs cannot touch it.

We see them in the evening flying around our apartment, I think that is rather special don't you think?
I hope I didn't scare anyone with these pictures..

Have a nice day,

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Sis Voorn said...

Hoi Annemieke, fijn iets van je te lezen.
Mooie letter maak je !!!
Zielig die kleine Dracula ...:(