Tuesday 23 February 2010


I found this embroderied cloth on a fair for second hand goods. In Holland it was used in the kitchen to hang in front of the towels and we call it an 'overhanddoek'. Nowadays I don't know anybody that still uses them. I know my grandmother did when I was young. This is the second one I found. I wil show the other one if I remember where I put it...It is not that I lost it but I searched for a very safe place to store it, so safe I don't remember. And I'm not even 50 years old yet...

You still can make cloths similar like this one ( I didn't find the same pattern though) and buy patterns. For example

Tomorrow I will show a quilttop I bought last week. It's hanging to dry now...


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Heleen said...

Wat een mooie zeg!