Saturday, 12 March 2016

Another 1718 update and lollipops tutorial

The back of the coverlet top in progress.

Detail of the coverlet top with one of the lollipops block (the large block with the 16 hearts on the right).

  I almost finished the third lollipops block, not the easiest blocks to make.

This is how I made the lollipops block:
I prepared all the hearts, and 'sticks' as  normal applique pieces.  I use Floriani ( bought it here: Hergarden, Beverwijk , it is a water soluble stabilizer) and fold and glue the seam allowances to the back. I placed them on the pattern in the book to glue them temporarily together, the hearts on the 'sticks'.

 Secondly I made the dark pieces, using freezer paper on top. This way it is easy to see where they are going and glued them together.

 This is how the back looks.

 The second one is done.

 Sewed these two together with the pieced triangle (inset seam)

I use the freezer paper shapes over and over again. Here I used a white pencil to draw on the dark fabric, around the freezer paper shapes. After this the freezer paper can be removed.

 The back again, after half of the lollipops block is finished.

 And the front. Hope this  little tutorial was helpful.

This is the update of my coverlet top so far. I made 146 blocks (some are not on this photo but on my design wall and not attached yet), 36 blocks to go.

Have a nice Weekend,

 note: The Floriani stabilizer and some coffee and/or tea dye will disappear after washing when it is finished.



Sunday, 6 March 2016

Great find!!!

THIS is what I found yesterday, at a Dutch antique textiles fair in Maarn!!! Isn't it beautiful????

I immediately noticed it was a silk quilt, not quilted, with a thick batting (looked may be like wool) and backing at the back . It is not quilted at all, only the backing was stitched through the batting and the whole was finished with a trimming around the edge.

The grey silk fabric in between the rosettes of hexagons is special too, I think. I didn't see this colour a lot in books. There was some damage on quite a few fabrics. It has to do with the way they starched the fabric before using it. Sadly the silk breaks. I learned that from An Moonen.

The ladies of the booth were kind enough to hold it so I could take a picture.

Where is the quilt now? I didn't buy it.... I thought it would need a proper home with someone who could take care of it and preserve it for the future. Somewhere everyone could go and look at it, I thought. So this is what I did:

I saw An Moonen at another stand and asked her if she wanted to look and may be buy that quilt and she did. I hope to be able to meet her soon so I can see her antique quilts, see this beauty again and hear more about it. She was very happy and thanked me. I feel I rescued a quilt today!!! 

If you visit An Moonen's site or weblog you can write her and arrange a visit with a group and have a wonderful afternoon hearing all the history and see antique quilts.

Note: the quilt is probably from around the 1850s!

Have a nice Sunday,


(ps I know some people might say I should have bought it myself and I could have sold it for more. I thought about that later in the car home....I think I will never be a rich girl this way; but I'm still very happy!)

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Dutch Antique textiles fair Maarn

Dit is mijn eerste bezoek aan deze antieke textielmarkt en ik keek mijn ogen uit! Deze dames stonden achter de kraam van het museum uit Bunschoten-Spakenburg.

This is my first visit to the antique textiles fair. And boy were my eyes spoiled! These ladies were representing the Bunschoten-Spakenburg museum (two Dutch towns famous for their traditional costumes).
Deze heren wilden ook even poseren. Helaas weet ik niet meer waar ze vandaan kwamen, ik dacht van Urk. Als ik mij vergis wordt ik graag gecorrigeerd.

These gentlemen also wanted to pose for the photo. Unfortunately I can't exactly remember where they're from, I thought from Urk if I'm not mistaken?

Oude borduurzijde, geweldig zoveel bij elkaar en allemaal nog in de oude verpakking.

Old silk embroidery yarn; amazing so many colours and still in their original packaging.

Ook oude zijde...daar word je bijna hebberig van.

Also antique silk... it almost makes you greedy.

Schitterende stof. Ik ben weg van die kleuren.

Beautiful fabric. I love those colours.

Oude mutsjes. Ik was bijna vergeten hoeveel historie we zelf nog hebben hier in Nederland.

Old hats. I forgot how much history we still have here in the Netherlands.

Hier verkochten ze broderie aan de meter. Erg mooi. En zeeuwse schortenstof.

Here they sold cotton lace per meter. Very pretty. They also sold Zealandish (Zealand, the provence in the South-West of the Netherlands) apron fabric.

Bij Sanny de Zoete zag ik deze erg mooie stopsamplers hangen. Ik was weg van de voorste. Nu een beetje te duur voor mij, maar erg mooi!!!

At Sanny de Zoete I saw these very pretty samplers. I absolutely loved the one in front. A bit a lot expensive for now, but still beautiful.

Bij Sanny kocht ik dit stalenboek met theedoeken stalen erin. Echt geweldig, zelfs de prijslijst zit er nog bij. Een theedoek van 70 bij 70 in een van deze kleuren hierboven kostte 46,5 cent. Sanny zei dat het boekje uit de jaren 30 of 50 kwam. Ze had meerdere stalenboeken....ik kwam er bijna niet weg.

At Sanny's I bought this sample book with tea clothes. Really great, even the pricelist is still there. A tea cloth sized 70 cm by 70 cm cost 46,5 cents. Sanny said the book is from the 1930's up untill the 1950's. She had more household sample books, I almost couldn't leave them behind.

Bij deze aardige dames kocht ik een paar lapjes.

I bought a couple of small pieces of fabric from these ladies.

Mijn  klederdrachtlapjes, ben er blij mee.

My historical Dutch costume fabrics. I'm pleased with my catches today.

In mijn volgende berichtje vertel ik je over mijn antieke quilt vondst op deze markt!!!

In my next blog I'll tell you all about the hidden antique quilt I discovered at this fair!!!


This fair was organized by the Dutch costume society (kostuumvereniging)
 I asked all the people for permission to take photo's of them or their boot.