Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Foep quilt

Today I started a new quilt called: 'Foep en 't vogelhoedje'. It is a quilt with a story about cats and birds. The pattern is by: Supergoof and easy to order, look at her blog on the top-right corner.

In November I joined a workshop given by Ingrid van der Harst (Supergoof. The location that day was Quiltshop Vlijtig Liesje at Tienhoven (the Netherlands). I visited this shop for the first time and will certainly go again. It is a really fun shop in her beautiful garden, run by a nice lady called Hanneke Kwakkenbos.

 It is fun to make!

 It took some time until I found the right fabrics, but eventually I did....and what a mess I made....

Lizzy (our dachshund) doesn't mind, as long as we are together.

Wish you a good last week of the year!