Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Feather quilting on my Amish quilt

Yesterday I practiced free motion quilting again on my Amish inspired top and it was fun!!! I showed this top  already in April here.

This picture is taken in the sun to show the stitching. The fabric is actually black, but looks a bit grey here because the sun is shining so bright.

The red and blue fabrics are dyed by a friend of mine and they almost glow in the sun.

 The strange quilted leaves are inspired by an old Welsh quilt.

I started to practice feather quilting on another quilt and I really like doing this!!!
I used my Pfaff expression 4.0. Quilting in the black cotton was no problem but in the more sturdier blue and red fabric the quilting was difficult.  My thread broke several times.  So this gives me something to think about.... My friend who taught me how to free motion quilt feathers gave advice to search for a Yuki (or Juki). I can't get the same machines like in the US but this is  good one too: juki-tl-98p
So on  my wish list it is:) May be I can find this machine second hand, probably difficult....

 The back of the quilt.

Here it is drying after washing in the washing machine.

And final picture of the quilt on the wall.

Size: 88 cm x 111 cm (inches: 34.5 "x 44")
Quilting thread: Invisafil by Wonderfil in dark grey and red.
Batting: 80% cotton- 20 % polyester
Sewing machine: Pfaff Expression 4.0

Happy sewing!!!