Saturday, 30 July 2016

Meeting Sarah Fielke

Thursday the 28th of July I joined Sarah Fielke's workshop at  Dorry's  quiltshop in Overloon:  Quilt it & Dotty . We made one block from her 'Sunflowers and hearts quilt'

Sarah's instructions were clear and she took the time to answer all of our questions even though we had a big group of ladies. We had a lot of fun and I met several ladies for the first time, but also other bloggers. 

The workshop included Sarah's new book: 'Old quilts new life' . I love to read and browse quilt books so I was more than happy with this. It is a fun book with lots of pictures including the antique quilts Sarah used for inspiration.
Funny enough I have just a small part on photo of her Sunflowers and hearts quilt. Lots of different pinks for the background which I like.

Dorry took care of us during the day. Lunch and Dinner were included, not to forget coffee, tea and cakes!

After dinner Sarah (on the right) told us her quilting life story and showed quilts from a suitcase taken all the way from Australia. This is her quilt called: 'Dotty for Dresden' (book: Material Obsession), which gave a big smile on Dorry's face (on the left). Both like dots!

This quilt is called: 'Charlotte sometimes' ( book: Material Obsession 2). On top is a small quilt from Sarah' s book: 'Little quilts', still on my wish list.

 I love this quilt called: 'All that and the hatter'. Future project???

 Sarah uses lots of animals in all her quilts, in sometimes unexpected places.

 And just one more photo of this quilt....

 We had lovely weather so the trunkshow was held in the garden.

Here a close-up of that small quilt Sarah is holding.

This is from the book: 'Quilting from little things', but my book is in Dutch and called: 'Quilten met Sarah Fielke'. So I only know the Dutch name of the quilt: 'Molentje' . It is a fun quilt with a beautiful fabric in the corners  from Anna Maria Horner.

 The border is very special and fun!!!

 Another fun quilt. If you want to learn how to make these words and letters you can go to Sarah's Craftsy class

Thanks Dorry and Sarah for this wonderful day!!!

If you want to read more about this day and see more pictures I saw two more posts: Ingrid and Anja

Have a creative weekend,


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Sheep wool crocheted blanket

This big sheep wool blanket is finished.  It is made with homespun wool, by my father in law. He turned 98 this month and is still spinning wool every day. It must be a healthy occupation!!!

I washed it with Ecolan.  A nice product to make the wool soft. It still is a rather rough blanket but very good to keep us warm in the winter.

And a picture of little Lizzy having a rest with one of her favorite human friends, my daughter.

I posted  this post a day earlier without finishing it ....strange.

So have a nice weekend,


ps The quilt under the blanket is a 'civil war sampler' quilt

Sunday, 17 July 2016

1718 quilt finished

My  '1718 coverlet' reproduction quilt is finished!!!!!

 The quilting is very simple and done with my Pfaff sewing machine with invisafil thread by Wonderfil around the little blocks and the big applique shapes.

The backing fabric is a Japanese woven fabric and a linen/ cotton mix fabric.

 I just wrote the information on the back with a permanent marker, I know... I didn't take the time  to make a nice label, but this does the job as well.

I washed the quilt and dried it flat on a bed, followed by a short 15 minutes program in the dryer.

The quilt is made by me using the pattern from the book by Susan Briscoe:

'The 1718 Coverlet: 69 Quilt Blocks from the Oldest Dated British Patchwork Coverlet'. 

Not only the pattern is in the book but it is also nice to read about the history from the original 1718 coverlet.
It was really a great joy to work on this quilt!!!!
Have a nice Sunday!