Sunday, 19 July 2015

Turqoise, pink and yellow squares.

 This quilt is finished! I first wrote about it here in October 2014. I've had lots of fun with 'just' using squares!

I used old embroidery found in a thrift shop and cut them in squares. All the squares have Dutch scenery, embroidered in  cross stitches.

The embroidery squares are combined with fabric squares from different designers and simple pink plaid  fabric.

I quilted with big stiches and perlé yarn number 8 and the pink is number 5. I prefer the number 8 perlé, it works much easier.

 The back of the quilt is made of a pink and white plaid fabric.

On a garden bench last night, the light was dimming fast.

The quilt is on our breakfast table where it will stay for a while. The colours are very happy and bright to start the day!

This quillt measures approx: 1.70cm by 1.70cm
The individual squares are 11 by 11cm finished size.
Batting: a very thin layer of cheese cloth
Hand quilting: big  stitches with perlé yarn number 8 and 5
Pattern: 'just' squares

Have a nice Sunday!



Friday, 3 July 2015

Scrap tree quilt top

This is my version of a scrap tree (still a top) I finally made!!

On the cover of the book: Minimal Quiltmaking, written by Gwen Marston  is a tree I wanted to make for some time. Then I found a  free tutorial of a similar tree on  Pinkadot Quilts written by Kelly. What I did differently was make a background of scraps in all sizes. This is also the way my daughter, Kellie ( yes I know it is a bit confusing, Kelly and Kellie  but I'm talking about two different persons here;), likes to work. I once showed Kellie's work here.

The branches are also made out of scraps, dark brown strips in different sizes which would fit one of the gaps in the background.
To use different sizes of scraps is probably not the easiest way, but if you form little units and join those to bigger units, you will end up with a big piece of back ground fabric in no-time. While doing this I sew, cut or sew extra and iron and cut again until my piece is big enough.
So nice to use up all the little quirky scraps !

Thanks to Kelly and Kellie for encouraging me to work like this!!!



Thursday, 2 July 2015

A cool drink, a few days away and more 'windows'

 First of all:

A cool drink*:
Pine apple (fresh is nice) diced
handful of ice cubes
add Bitter lemon
mix this in a blender

Ter verkoeling*:

ananas stukjes (vers is erg lekker)
handje ijsklontjes
aanvullen met Bitter lemon
mixen in de blender

*recipe by my daughter

We enjoyed staying in Friesland (north part of The Netherlands) for a few days and I made more cathedral windows...

 We visited the Islands: Ameland and Schiermonnikoog too and took Lizzy in my 'bike basket'.

 Very old Dutch houses and an impression of the North of my country with photo's below:

 Many, many birds...
Old wooden shoes in a very nice wooden rack

And one more time my Cathedral windows, close up.

This photo of the flower head with seeds was taken yesterday in a park near my home town.

Yesterday we had very high temperatures so I didn't do much but added extra background to my cathedral windows quilt, so I can make more windows this is growing slowly but I'm enjoying it:)

Stay cool (if you are having high summer temperatures as we have) and have a nice week!