Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Teddybears, old and new (1)

My old Teddybear called: Bear. He was a present for my first birthday in 1962!

 My love of teddybears started with this, now very worn, bear. He is now 52 years old. There is no label with a brand name on him. He is just a brandless bear, but for me a very special one. He is filled with excelsior, you can see it coming out of his feet and hands. He once had a growling voice but it doesn't work anymore as with a lot of old teddybears. When I was young he had once been taking a bath. I don't know if I did that, but anyway he had to stay outside in the garden to dry which took days! I remember being so worried that he had to stay outside alone...poor bear. I'm glad he is still with me.I could have lost him because my mum tried to throw him away a few times. She said he was old and dirty and I was too old for him. After the last time she gave up and believed me that I was determined to keep him forever.

A handmade teddybear 25 cm tall, my own design.

Together with a big and miniature handmade teddybear, my own designs too. 

I started making teddybears in 1994 and designed my own patterns, won a few prizes too and after selling bears on teddybearshows for a lot of years,  quiltmaking took most of the bear making time. Recently I started to make new bears now and then. Nice to see them 'coming alive' in my hands again.

Teddybear, playing fox

This bear, playing fox, was made by me the other day. This pattern is from Sasha Pokrass . I bought her pattern in her Etsy shop. It is totally different bear compared to mine but it is a fun pattern to make, this bear with his fox trousers and cap.

I'm just playing fox for the day, I can put off this costume when I go to sleep;)

Have a good week,



Thursday, 1 January 2015

Vendee, clear skies, Atlantic ocean, bright colours.

Even een impressie van een paar daagjes Vendee, in Frankrijk. Heldere luchten, de Atlantische oceaan, vissersboten, zeemeeuwen, wiite huizen, geschiedenis en boomklimmen!!
Just an impression of a few days Vendee, in France. Bright skies, the Atlantic ocean, lots of fishing boats, seagulls, white houses, history and clibing trees!