Friday, 16 October 2015

Stay in (doll) bed weather.

This dolls bed was hidden under other things in a charity shop. I was able to buy it for almost nothing and the woman in the shop was glad she finally sold it! Well, this bed made my day!!! I'm so happy I found it.

It is quite heavy, solid and has its original paint. It looks old to me and so nice to display doll quilts of course!

There is a bottom made out of board with small holes in it. So I made a mattress and found an old doll pillow and self made doll quilt in my closet.

The little quilt on this bed is this one. The pattern is called: 'hidden nine patch or disappearing nine patch'
It is a fun and easy pattern to work with.

I made this doll  from a Tilda book in january 2010. Her body fabric is stretchy so she is a little bit bigger than she is supposed to be but that is all right with me.

And even if you are awake you would want to stay in this bed with a good book ;)

ps. the bed meassures:
length: 57cm by width: 33cm

Have a nice day!



Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sewing room and storage solutions.

Today a sneak peak in my sewingroom, not big, but lots to see!
This first picture shows my sewing table with red and white plastic tablecloth fixed (with a staple gun) on top. For storing little things, I used  jam jars also with red and white checkers. I screwed the lids on the underside of the narrow Ikea shelf.

 I used the Ikea magnet strip (in Dutch: magneetlijst) to store my scissors and covered the strip with fabric (fabric with sewing notions;) 

 See the result? I find it very practical.

 Under the table between the table legs I made a rod to hang all those spools with ribbons. On the floor there is a little bench to rest my feet, also in red and white :)

And this storage rack ( from Ikea too) is made for a kitchen but becomes very handy in the sewing room, I spray painted it white.
More sewing room photo's to come next time;)

Have a nice day!