Monday, 5 November 2018

Cruquius museum quilt

Six years (!) ago I had the idea to use the museum in my home town, to make a pattern for  new quilt ...

The building from 1849 has a large steam engine used to pump water out of the Haarlemmermeer (Lake of Haarlem).  So it could be used as dry land to live and farm on it. This picture is from 1904.
It stopped working since 1933 and became the Cruquius museum since. You can read more here at The official Museum website (in English and Dutch). 

At the water side it has a beautiful window.

And chose the fabric in the middle as a starting point, the piles in the back are fabrics I collected over the years: folklore fabrics, old and new, quilt fabrics, thrift shop shirts, some fabrics were a gift, others were in my closet for 30 or 40 years!

I used the big window as the center of the quilt

And these shapes (clovers?) in the corners

See how big these shapes are at the museum wall?

The white tower shape with points came from the top of the building

The quilt is hand quilted with big stitches in white, with number 12 Perle yarn.

The border fabric is one of my most favorite fabric and used now in this project.

The back of the Cruquius museum quilt

 On a tree in the afternoon sun

After being washed and dried, here on our bed, it shows the quilting a little better.

Size: 2.30m L by 2.25m W (about 90" by 88" )

Wishing you a good start of the week,GroetjesAnnemieke


frameless mind said...

Wat een leuk verhaal achter deze quilt, en wat is je quilt mooi geworden!! Prachtige stof(kleur)keuze!! Knap hoor!
Groetjes, Liliane

Kleine Vingers said...

Prachtige quilt

Carin said...

Beste Annemieke,

wat een énige quilt!!

Heel origineel en erg leuk uitgewerkt! Ik genoot ook al zo van je gele appliqué quilt.

Hartelijke groet,

Quilting Moesje said...

Geweldig zeg ! Heel knap gemaakt/ontworpen en leuke en mooi lapjes in de driehoekjes en reepjes blokken :o))

audrey said...

What a gorgeous quilt! The colors are so rich and warm. Congrats on finishing such an incredible interpretation style quilt. Really, really well done.:)

Anonymous said...


Kleine Vingers said...

Nog een comment zodat je kunt zien of het probleem verholpen is. De kleuren van de quilt zijn erg mooi, de quilt heeft zo'n warme uitstraling.

Wilma said...

Oh wát mooi, supergaaf Annemieke.
De stof en kleurcombinaties zijn zo'n gezellige sfeer. Ik hou er van.
Lieve groetjes uit Spakenburg

Lucy said...

Prachtige quilt Annemiek en zo mooi hoe het museum erin verweven is.

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