Friday, 4 November 2016

Back with a new quilt top in green

 Sometimes a new quilt just starts with inspiration from a walk in the woods....

we walked on this estate called 'Elswout' and looked through a window in an old shed...
I post regularly on 'Instagram' under the name of 'annemiekebears', as I did with this picture. So if I'm not here on Blogger I 'll probably be on Instagram:)

A nice view from my bike taken early in the morning...

And some fabrics I had for a while now. The two left ones are older quilt fabrics and therefore in a sale, rather cheap. The right one is a very soft and worn bed sheet, I bought in England in a car booth sale.

After I cut up a lot of fabrics in squares of 10 by 10 cm I put them on point and arranged them ( on my design wall) over and over again until they formed dark and light parts.
I used this concept before when I made this quilt in blue.

 Sewing together is easiest done in diagonal rows and iron the seams one way (tricky photo because the iron was quite hot ;)

I used two liberty fabrics and two double gauze fabrics for the first time ever. The liberties are a bit thin but in between the other cottons they are all right. The double gauze fabrics are really soft, I'm happy with them.

Then I took the top outside today, the sun being very weak, but typical for the November month.

The beans are dried here in the abandoned allotments...all the gardeners had to leave because the land is sold to a developer.

I find it no problem if there is not enough fabric for one row. I just search for one that is close enough and has the same value from a distance. See the red cardinal on the last different square in the right hand corner?

A friend of mine described the quilt as 'a stress reducer because of the soothing colours'. I think she said it just right, don't you think?

My little doggy friend, Lizzy was waiting for me until the photos were taken. She is sweet isn't she?

Have a very nice weekend,