Sunday, 6 December 2015

New Teddy bears to show

Just an impression of the new teddy bears who were created during the teddy bear workshops this autumn. This one is being made by Hanneke.

 And this little fellow is being made by Anja and waiting to be filled.

Besides the hard work of making the bears, there is always a lot to talk and laugh. Hanneke and Anja working at a table full of equipment and teddy bear parts.

Here is the result of two days work (and even some homework done by the ladies):
Anja's bear on the left and Hanneke's bear on the right. Cute aren't they?

The next teddy bear workshop was soon after the previous one and here Corine is sewing hers on one of my Singer featherweights.

Lucy is working hard on her teddy bear too and

 there is always time to talk, make pictures and enjoy the day.

 Almost done filling....

And here is the result of these two days (and homework) Teddy bear workshop:
The yellow one on the left is made by Corine and the one on the right is made by Lucy. If you click on her name you see more pictures of her bear with his lovely, new knitted pants.

Thank you ladies for taking part in the teddy bear workshops and I'm very proud of you having made such lovely teddy bears!